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Yet Another Monday Gif Party

August 14, 2017

The best part about Monday’s are the 6 days in between them, except maybe Wednesday. Wednesday is like mid-week Monday. In light of the gloominess that is the big M, we’ve gathered some of the internet’s best .gifs.

So sit back, press play, and let it all slide away…for at least a few minutes.

Well hello there.

Chick-chicky boom!

Real magic or stage magic? We’ll never know.

Awww yisssss!

Slidin’ on in.

Safety first!

Nooooo! The beans!!!!

Mad skill.

Nice shot.

Watch where you’re going.

And one for you, aaaand one for you.

So smooth.

That’s not how you drink beer.

John Woo’s coffee delivery.

Vicious attack caught on camera!


This is how trust issues develop.

“The cat’s behind me doing that spin thing again isn’t he?”

Well hello there.

Happy Monday all!


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