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Yakimono Japanese Cuisine Restaurant ~ San Diego, CA.

August 25, 2009

Yakimono Japanese Cuisine Restaurant

Yakimono Japanese Cuisine Restaurant
7728 Regents Rd., San Diego, CA. 92122

Sushi is definitely an artful and unique dinning experience. Yes, you can get sushi to go, but how about bringing that unique dinning experience to your home via delivery? If you could order sushi online to be delivered to your door, would you? Well if you live in San Diego, you definitely can get sushi from Yakimono Japanese Cuisine Restaurant delivered to your home or office. What a cool idea for a company meeting, right?

Now sushi is typically eaten either dipped into some Japanese soy sauce (shoyu) or as is. Either way sushi is a true delightful experience. At Yakimono Japanese Cuisine Restaurant, great care is taken in the creation of the many sushi dishes they offer. Each piece is a true work of art. For a full listing of the wonderful sushi dishes or sushi platters that Yakimono Japanese Cuisine Restaurant has to offer, visit their easy online ordering form powered by Eat24Hours at

But wait! That is not all that Yakimono Japanese Cuisine Restaurant has to offer you. You can enjoy a full range of Japanese cuisine. So whether you are looking to try something a little different, entertain in home or office, or just desire Japanese cuisine today and live in San Diego, check out Yakimono Japanese Cuisine Restaurant via Eat24Hours for a dinning experience you will not forget with the convenience of delivery.

  • Orley

    I have to tell you that the sushi that was delivered to my door looked every bit as enticing as what is shown in the picture and the taste was marvelous. I’m real picky about sushi but a friend recommended this restaurant and I was not disappointed. I’ll be back, for sure.

  • Kandi

    I can’t get enough Japanese food and the menu here has so many different dishes to choose from that I can order from here several times a week and enjoy it every time.

  • Leesa

    I just discovered that I love sushi. I always turned my nose up at it because it sounded less than appealing but I tried it on a bet and lost the bet, but gained a new taste. Yakimono’s has great food and 24 hour access!

  • Bear

    Yakimono’s dishes are always so good. I recently tried the sushi. I didn’t care for it, but it had nothing to do with the way it was prepared. I believe I have tried just about every dish they offer and have always been totally satisfied.

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