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Yak Facts & Yak Stats & Yak Hats

July 25, 2017

To get you acquainted with the glorious animal that is the yak, here are 10 useful facts and reasons why they could never be replaced (especially by manatees). Our yak fact-checker is on vacation, so if you find any questionable information, please write it down on a piece of paper, slip it under your mattress, and forget that you ever read it.

  1. Yaks run way faster than manatees.
  2. Yaks live at the highest altitude of any mammal.
  3. Their only natural predator is the Tibetan wolf.
  4. The average adult male yak weights about 70 pounds more than a manatee.

    70 lbs = approximate weight of this cabbage

  5. Yaks don’t have functional sweat glands, and therefore produce minimal odor.
  6. Yak butter is used to make butter tea, sculptures, and fuel for lamps.
  7. Yak racing, yak skiing, and yak polo are all played in Central Asian countries.
  8. Yak the band formed in 2009. Their first EP “Chewing The Cud” elevated grunting to an art form.
  9. Sexy Yak is the second most popular Halloween costume in Minnesota.
  10. Yak butter is never available at your average Cracker Barrel. But neither is manatee butter. Why does it matter? Read about the origins of Yak Week here.

Would you like to dispute our yak knowledge, or share some of your own? Tell us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Yak Week 2017 is in full swing, so grab on!

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