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XXL Monday Gif Party

June 26, 2017

It’s time to face the Monday. To give ourselves a reality check, we checked the latest polls to see what people want. And according to the numbers, they want A) Less Mondays and B) More GIFs.

We can only help with the second thing, so here’s 230% MORE GIFs than we usually share, for the same low price of $Free.99. They’re bigger, larger, and lengthier. So sit back as you would on a beach chair, guide your finger over to that play button, and enjoy.

Us, literally trying to Monday.

Annie are you ok?

Spring loaded pupper.

True friendship never comes from where we expect it. 

Spinach has that effect. 

Actual footage of an Eat24 team outing.

Bet you thought this was gonna go a different direction. 

Hey, you paid to jump.


Balut gone wild.


Raclette break!

Diana is that you?

Science, or something.

Nothing to see here, just a squirrel and a cat playing on a roof.

The only rodeo we want to go to.

Boing, boing.

“I’m angry! Now I’m sad.”

Happy little deer.

> _ <

Yeah, you might wanna run a bit faster.A suh dude.

Ronaldo is that you?



Here let me show you my crayon collection! It’s over here!

How not to shoot lesson.

Mlem mlem mlem

Cats will be cats.

I see you!

Well how the heck are you Frank, haven’t seen you in ages!

Pusheen, I tell you h-wutt…

Super drill powers!

Gravity ain’t got nothin’ on me.

Hang on tight.

Just lounging.


Fly away little bird.

Now back to your regular programming.

Wow, that was a long one. Thanks for tuning in, we’ll see you next week!

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