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The One Emoji You Should Always Avoid

March 08, 2017

Welcome to WTF Is That Emoji? Part 1, where we review our favorite icons across devices. From Android to Samsung, not all emoji are created equal. In this issue, we dissect pizza, spaghetti, cookie, and picture frame, with some surprising findings.

People often ask, “Eat24, what’s it like to work with food reviews every day?” The short answer is: delicious. The longer answer is: delicious and opinionated. Imagine rating every meal (and song, and puppy, and sunset) you come across, sometimes without even being aware of it.

For example, the other day, we left our phone at home and borrowed Dave from Accounting’s five-year-old (42 in phone years) HTC to send a pizza emoji (as we do most days), our jaws dropped. Our lives flashed past our eyes. We even lost our appetite for a good minute.pizzatext

Curiosity led us to do some research into emoji designs across different phones. And the variety of good, bad, and unsafe-to-consume food emoji we discovered led to us obsessively rate all of them. Without further ado, please enjoy:


What’s that saying? “Even the worst pizza is pretty okay”? It seems like some designers set out to prove this theory wrong. Aside from the consensus on pepperoni, most of these emojis look more like traffic signs and aliens then ‘zas.

pizza reportAfter looking at these pizzas, we decided to take a crack at designing our own Eat24 emoji. So like Emojidex, we combined our favorite elements to bring you this:

Our Monster Emoji: Franken-roni



Lessons we learned from the spaghetti emoji: 1) Spaghetti is too fancy a name to call most of them. 2) Floating forks are very popular. 3) We can’t help but find faces in everything. Read on to see why.

spaghetti reportSurely we can do better.

Our Monster Emoji: Spagoo From The Black Lagoon



You’d think something as simple as a cookie would look similar across the board, but it was one of the most controversial emojis out there. Could we at least agree that a cookie should be sweet? It’s 2017.

cookie reportA saltine with chocolate chips sounds kind of good, actually.

Our Monster Emoji: The Babacookie


Picture Frame

Don’t tell anyone we said this, but after those spiders and mullets, we need a break from food. Here’s something for the fine art lovers out there.

picture frame report

We can’t paint for beans, but our collage skills paid off this time.

Our Monster Emoji: Were-cat At Dusk


To sum up, we’d like to thank all emoji designers, The National Spud Committee, Leonardo DaVinci, the moon, and Dave for making this study in emoji possible. If it wasn’t for you, we would still be using primitive :)s and :(s. And no matter how bad emojis can get, we’ve proven that our own designs are worse.

See something in these emoji that we missed? Faces, flashbacks to childhood, or hidden noodles? Let us know in the comments. And stop by our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram where we share better looking food things.

  • Lunetta Kellson

    This was kind of awesome. No, wait, it was really awesome. Now to go eat spaghetti pizza cookies. Or at least paint a picture of them.

  • Kerry O’Flynn

    Um, wait a sec – does this count as getting you to say spaghetti? I’m saying Heck Yeah! Gimmee $5!

  • ­­

    something tells me yall have a thing for Apple.. just because it has food in its name doesn’t mean it’s the holy grail for food emojis!!

    ps i fell in love with the writer upon first read of your starry night coupon email but this article has firmly established my feelz

  • Warren Bujol

    It’s about time someone held graphic designers accountable.

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