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Where the #$&% is our Taco Emoji

July 17, 2014

Normally, we try to look at the bright side of everything, especially if the bright side involves realizing the bread we’re eating has cheese inside it. These are not normal times though. That’s because something is bothering us. And yes, it’s exactly what you think it is: Taco emoji. More specifically, a complete lack thereof.

Hold us back, man. Hold us back.

It’s completely crazy, right? How could there not be an emoji for tacos? Not only are tacos delicious, but Tuesdays literally exist so we can eat them. We’re not trying to be petty, but there are emoji for fries and shrimp and yet you’ve never heard anyone say “Yay, it’s French Fry Friday!” or “Hooray, it’s Shrimp Saturday!” What you do hear all the time is “I love Taco Tuesday!” and “Is it Taco Tuesday yet?” and “I hope my first child is born on a Monday so I still have time to enjoy Taco Tuesday.” Not that we don’t love French Fries and Shrimp. We totally do. We’re just saying that tacos deserve a place at the emoji table too.

Thank goodness there’s a sweet potato.

And an eggplant

And whatever the hell this is…

And this terrifying dance duo.

But no taco. FAIL.


How real is the need for a taco emoji? Just yesterday alone we needed to use one like 28 times. Our day was basically like:

10:00 AM: Texted mom “Let’s order tacos”

10:05 AM: Texted friends “Taco ball pit or nah?”

10:08 AM: Wanted to tweet out heart made of tacos so all our friends on Twitter would know how much we loved them.

Well, you get the idea. The point is, we couldn’t use an emoji for any of these things. Instead, we had to type t-a-c-o, which is way less sexy than using an emoji of one.

Hello, 1993.

Seriously, does anyone know what the emoji designers of the world are doing? Is it more important than making a taco? Let us field that question for you. The answer is no, no it’s not. Well, we got tired of waiting and decided to help the world out by making our own taco emoji. And while we were at it, we also made emoji for some other amazing foods that mysteriously didn’t make it into your phone.


We need these. NOW.


Next stop, your phone? We certainly hope so. Sure, we have a lot of battles to fight and it’s going to be hard sometimes. We need to start somewhere though, so let’s start with the taco. Call your state senator, write the president, show up at the next U.N. meeting! Ok, don’t do any of that. It’s not actually that serious. But we hope you’ll rally behind us and maybe give the Unicode Consortium a piece of your mind so they can make taco emoji happen. Here, we made you this handy sign:



We said now!


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