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We’re Already Over This Monday (Gif Party)

September 18, 2017

Did you wear different colored socks this morning, leave your lunch at home, or forget your meeting notes? If so, please sign our petition to rename Monday “Make It Work Day.” Once it becomes official, it will be totally cool to eat Cheetos at 10am, forget the new guy’s name, and wear a onesie to work. Dream with us, people.

While we work on that, hit play to hear some smooth croonings and enjoy this gif party

Sliding into Monday.

Oopsie daisy.

Animal House, irl.


We know the feeling.

Coming home from the buffet.

Whip it real good.

He’s still doing backflips to this very day.

Technology at its finest.

Doggo in a box-o.


Play it again, Sam.

Nothing to see here, move along.

Oh yeah, that’s the spot.

Bar gymnastics at its finest.

The wrong way to shower.

Happy Monday!

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