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Weekly Coupon: *%#$ Black Friday. Sleep In.

November 23, 2012

All you want is to save a few bucks on some stuff you were gonna buy anyway, like a 60-inch LCD, a light-up head massager that reads the weather in 7 languages, or food for survival. Is that really too much to ask? No. No it is not. This is our promise to you: We will never make you wait in line for savings. We will never make you sleep in a tent on the sidewalk. We will never subject you to grandmas blocking and tackling like linebackers. We will only feed you.

Hit the snooze button and put those nunchucks back on the shelf. This is Eat24, where the coupons come to you.

Just enter this code at checkout and enjoy free turkey ice cream* with this weekend’s order from Eat24.

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*Obviously the best part about Thanksgiving (AKA Turkey Armageddon) is the leftovers. The sandwich gets all the attention, but allow us to blow your minds for a moment: Thanksgiving Burrito. Just think about it – slices of juicy turkey piled high on a bed of mashed potatoes, stuffing, and cranberry sauce wrapped in a giant tortilla and served with a side of sweet potato chips and gravy salsa. Yes. That just happened. OK, before you drift off into a food coma just thinking about that gobbling monster, read this Fine Print: You have to be an Eat24 member to use the $2 Coupon code, but don’t worry; signing up is quicker than a turkey trying to escape a farmer mid-November. Also, you can only use codes at restaurants that accept Cash Coupons (but chill your cranberry sauce, there’re 20,000 of them) and pay with Credit card or PayPal. And don’t get sneaky and order one corn bread muffin and call it a day (although corn bread muffins are amazing). You must complete an order of $10 or more to use the coupon. Finally, you can only use the code once and it will expire the 25th of November at Midnight PST. OK, we’re gonna go dream up other genius leftover recipes… like maybe Thanksgiving Pizza.

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