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Weekend Coupon: Re-Order

February 28, 2014

Lazy Tip #562


The only thing better than doing something, is doing absolutely nothing. You’re not lazy, you’re just conserving energy. We get it. That’s why we made the Re-Order button. Have you tried it yet? It’s like yelling “Shut up and give me that thing I ordered last time” into your phone, except it actually works. So next time you’re hungry (AKA now), hit up Past Orders in your Eat24 account. BOOM. You’re one button away from your favorite meal.

The Re-Order button: Less clicking. Less thinking. More quality time with Chicken Chow Mein and your couch.

Speaking of doing less, spend less money when you enter this code* at checkout on Eat24. Then sit back, relax, and enjoy doing zero things this weekend.

Coupon Code:



Hungry? Get Delivery


You’re the curly in our fries.

Bon appetit,


*Fine Print goes here.**
**Just kidding, the Fine Print is important so here it is for real: To use this $2 coupon code, you must be an Eat24 member (but signing up is easier than deciding which Instagram filter looks best on your breadsticks (Hint: it’s Kelvin), and you must complete an order of $10 or more, and pay with Credit Card, PayPal, or Google Wallet. The number of times this code can be used per person is one, which is also probably the max number of hashtags you should include with your selfie. The coupon expires Sunday the 2nd of March at 11:59 PM PST. There. That’s it. You’ve reached the end of the Fine Print. Got another minute? Want to be insanely jealous, hungry, and slightly turned on all at once? Follow @Eat24 on Instagram.

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