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Weekend Coupon: Jelly Beans and Chocolate Eggs

April 18, 2014

Get your munchies on


OK, listen up. There’s a lot going on this weekend – There’s Easter (yay Peeps!), plus apparently there is some sort of unofficial holiday going on as well (pretty sure it involves unicorns or bacon, or bacon unicorns.). Anyway, we’re guessing that everyone is going to be busy chowing down on jelly beans and chocolate eggs no matter which holiday they’re celebrating. But even if you’re in a sugar-induced haze, our app makes ordering a breeze.

All you need to know is we have a Re-Order button that remembers that thing you ordered last week. You know, that thing. With that sauce. Yeah, that one. So just tap, relax, and try not to fall asleep before your 17 orders of curly fries get there. Your delivery guy thanks you in advance.

Wait! Don’t forget this code at checkout to save a little green on your order this weekend.

Coupon Code:


Hungry? Get Delivery


Want another coupon? We got your back. Just tweet this and we’ll love you back with a bonus code: This weekend, @eat24 is the official sponsor of my munchies.


You’re the Bubba to our Kush,

Bon appetit,


*One more thing before we go. You’ve got the deep fried burrito, you’ve got the accessories, and of course you are 100% not wearing pants. But there’s still something missing… No, not that bean bag chair full of marshmallows. We’re talking tunes. Head to Songza this weekend, and don’t forget to give us a high five we’ll be lounging at our Uncle Snoop’s channel all weekend. Because everyone knows the perfect compliment to gin and juice is double bacon cheeseburgers. Now for a bit of that fine, Fine Print: You have to be an Eat24 member to use this $2 code (but signing up is easier than finding a SFW hip hop joint). Also, you can’t just sample an eggroll and expect a full meal. You must complete an order of $10 or more and pay with Credit Card, PayPal, or Google Wallet to use our coupon. Finally, the code can only be used once and will expire on Sunday the 20th of April at 11:59 PM PST. OK now stay inside, crank up the tunes and order in, because let’s be honest, who cares about pastel colored eggs anyway?


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