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Weekend Coupon: Get Your Foodie Google Glasses

April 26, 2013

Introducing the Google Glass of food

Are you sitting down? You should be, because you are definitely not ready for Eat24’s excessively kick ass and totally game changing development in food ordering eyewear. Meet Eat24 Swaggles. With Eat24 Swaggles you can have sushi delivered to your door just by winking. Blink once for plain cheese pizza, twice for extra pepperoni. Leave Swaggles on at night and they will detect that you’re sleeping and pre-order breakfast, so you’re woken up gently by the pleasant aroma of bacon. That’s right, bacon. Your move, Google.

Want to test drive your own pair of Eat24 Swaggles?  Tweet us with #SwaggleMe, or ask us on Facebook. But hurry, we only have a few prototypes left. Now enter this code at checkout for free money* for this weekend’s order.

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Coupons expire, but our love for you will never end. If you’re feeling saucy, ask us for a coupon on Facebook or Twitter.

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*If you’re suffering from lack of swag, chronic red eyes, and questionable fashion sense, Swaggles might be for you. In almost all cases, users have reported an increase in sex appeal, the ability to see through calzones, super strength, an enchanting musk, devastating dance moves, and being confused for a super model. What’s better than 20/20 vision? 100/100? Well, whatever. The point is you’ll have better than perfect vision, which means you’ll be really good at reading this Fine Print: You must be an Eat24 member to use the Coupon code (But signing up is so easy that results can be seen in two-three seconds). Coupons are only valid at restaurants that accept coupon codes (luckily there are over 20,000 of them). The value of the coupon will be applied after you complete an order of $10 or more when paying with Credit Card or PayPal, so don’t try to order just a trial size of nachos (you WILL like them, so go ahead and order the meal-sized portion). Finally the $2 coupon can only be used once and will expire April 28th at midnight PST. Talk to your friends and make sure they’re cool enough to be seen with you before deciding if Swaggles are right for you.

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