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Weekend Coupon: Food Baby

June 21, 2013


It’s a Burrito!

Kanye West made a music baby, Kim Kardashian made a real baby (that’s two for Kanye), and Facebook made an Instagram video baby. Feeling left out? Us too. Let’s make a food baby! Enter this Coupon Code at checkout for some free love* this weekend.
Coupon Code:


Our coupons expire, but our love for you will never end. If you need another coupon, just ask us (nicely) on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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Want another coupon? No problem. Pick a name for your food baby and tweet it to us with #FoodBabyName and we’ll give you another coupon. Don’t have a Twitter? Post it on our Facebook wall.

You’re the sweet potato in our pie.



*Speaking of babies… whatever happened to Beanie Babies, and what the hell are we going to do with this storage unit full of them? It seemed like such a good thing to collect at the time; a “guaranteed way to make millions” they said. Now we’re stuck with 150 Cubbies, 273 Squealers, and 3 Brownie the Bears. We don’t even like bears. Or beanbags. While we hop on Ebay and try to sell off these bean things, why don’t you read the fine print? You have to be an Eat24 member to use the $2 coupon code (Relax, signing up is easier that finding a mint condition early model of Quacker the Duck Without Wings). Also you can only use codes at… wait for it… wait for it… restaurants that accept Coupon codes (but it’s cool because there are over 25,000 of them) and pay with Credit card or PayPal. Don’t try to be a sneaky Robbie Raccoon and only order one taquito. You must complete an order of $10 or more to use the coupon. Finally, you can only use the code once, and it will expire the 23rd of June at Midnight PST. Now before you go, would you like to buy 63 slightly used Walruses?

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