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Weekend Coupon: We broke Tinder

March 07, 2014

Tacos need love too


So we broke Tinder. Not sure what happened. All we wanted to do was find happiness for all the cheeseburgers in the world just waiting for the right mouth to come along. Garlic fries longing for a hug. Wonton soup in need of a good spoon. Then one thing led to another, and now we’re locked out of our account. OK, we know what you’re thinking, “YOU’RE ON TINDER? HOW COULD YOU EAT24, I THOUGHT WHAT WE HAD WAS SPECIAL.” Baby, let us explain!

Lately we’ve been thinking about other people. No. Not like that. Other people, like… You know, the ones who love food and hate putting on pants, but don’t know about Eat24 yet (because they live under a rock maybe). Don’t those people deserve love* too?

Maybe Tinder doesn’t want to hook your friends up with a BLT, but you can. Tell them about us. Then tell them to enter this code at checkout to add some extra spice** to date night this weekend.

Coupon Code:



Hungry? Get Delivery


Want another coupon? Anything for you. Just tweet this and we’ll love you back with a bonus code: “I just right-swiped @Eat24 on @Tinder #truelove.” No Twitter? No worries. Post it on our Facebook wall.

You’re the apple cinnamon in our empanadas.

Bon appetit,


*Tacos delivered to their couch.
**Look, it’s hard out here for a carefree app just looking to get into a threesome with burrito and pizza (A pizzarrito? Yes, please and thank you). So we’d like to go ahead and try out a few of our favorite pick up lines on you before we get to all that legal mumbo jumbo (Don’t worry lawyers, we’ll get there). K, now pretend you’re a hot piece of enchilada and try this on for size. “You must be a spicy dish because you’re making my heart burn.” No? OK. Let’s say you’re a cookie just asking to be dunked in some milk. “Do you have any raisins? Cuz I could use a date.” Nothing? Fine. Imagine you’re a delicious Vietnamese noodle soup and we rolled up in the joint and were all, “Hey girrrrl, let us holla at you and give you a night you won’t pho-get!” Booya. Nailed it. While we wait to collect all of your phone numbers, let’s get to this Fine Print (See, told ya law peeps): You have to be an Eat24 member to use this $2 code (but signing up is easier than making small talk with your Waldorf salad). Also, don’t just order a single-and-looking-to-mingle chicken wing. You must complete an order of $10 or more and pay with Credit Card, PayPal, or Google Wallet to use our coupon. Finally the code can only be used once and will expire on Sunday the 9th of March at 11:59 PST. Now if you excuse us there’s a delicious plate of carne asada over there that’s looking real lonely. P.S. If you want to read more about our adventures on Tinder, here you go.

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