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Weekend Coupon: Big Bang

March 21, 2014



Before we get to the coupon code… BIG NEWS. We had the craziest chat with Science this week. Check it out:

Eat24: Hey
Science: YOLO
Eat24: SWAG. What’s new?
Science: Not much. Just discovered where the universe came from.
Eat24: Cool. Any progress on Live-Streaming Tacos?
Science: No.
Eat24: Oh. How about hoverboards?
Science: …
Eat24: You still there?
[Science signed out of chat]

Anyway, not sure if it was something we said, but until Science answers the REAL oldest and most important question (Which came first, the chicken or the wing?), use this coupon code to explode some money molecules* off your Eat24 order this weekend.

Coupon Code:



Hungry? Get Delivery


Need another coupon? We’re not gonna make you do any hip cool social media BS this week. If you’re an Android user, read the Fine Print. If you’re not an Android user, don’t worry. We got something special for you next week.

You’re the Fine in our Fine Print.

Bon appetit,


*Oh, by the way… Uncle Google (‘Googs’ to us) came over recently and gave us a present (No, not a whole bunch of those fancy face computers, though that would have been cool. We know you’re reading this, Googs, so feel free to send some over). Actually, Google got something for you. Yes you. Google Wallet users get $6 off your Eat24 order (one-time use for first time users only) when you use Google Wallet to pay for your food on the Eat24 Android app from now until 11:59 PM on 3/31/14. Not a Google Wallet user? That’s OK. We still love you, and our regular weekly coupon is good for $2 off your order of $10 or more on or any of the Eat24 apps (including Atari 2600) when you pay with Credit Card, PayPal, or Google Wallet. Kind of like the actual Big Bang, our coupon is one-time use, and will explode on 3/23/14 at 11:59 PM (Which will expand into an inconceivably vast cosmos of coupon codes landing in your inbox every weekend from now until forever). OK, all done with the Fine Print. You go order some food, and we’re gonna go hang out with Uncle Googs. He’s our favorite because he always remembers really crucial information like the lyrics to “Africa” by Toto, the best way to dry your socks in the toaster, and the name of that one chick from that one TV show we used to watch.


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