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Weekend Coupon: Bacon Dragons or Something

March 01, 2013

Can You Beliebe This?

We’d love to fill this week’s VIP with unicorns. Or dinosaurs. Or bacon dinosaurs riding a unicorn with magic Sriracha breath, but frankly there’s too much going on. If you’re like us you’re still searching for that perfect gift for Justin Bieber’s birthday this weekend, your Twitter account was just hacked by the The Secret Order of the Golden French Fries, and Grumpy Cat just won’t return your calls regarding an interactive Harlem Shake video.So until we get things figured out, why don’t we just give you this code for free dipping breadsticks* with your pizza, and let you get on with your weekend.

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You’re the cheese in our stuffed crust.

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*Hi. We are Eat24 and we’re addicted to dipping sauces. At first we were just bored with ketchup and wanted to experiment. Then we started asking for a little extra when we’d order in some breadsticks or pizza bites. Soon enough you couldn’t open a drawer without seeing colorful labels with such wonderfully crazy names like Funky Ranch ‘Splosion, Sweet N’ Sour House Party, or BBQ Mint Catastrophe. Soon we were passing out at 2AM, waking up with sticky fingers and Sriracha soaked lips. Now after a lot of love and some help from wet naps, we realize that dipping sauces are OK in moderation. (Whew, it feels good to finally admit that to you guys). Now let’s dip into this fine print. You have to be an Eat24 member to use the coupon code (chill out, signing up is easier than dunking French fries in a milkshake). You can only use coupons at restaurants that accept coupon codes, (but don’t worry, there are over 20,000 of them) and pay with a Credit card or PayPal. Also don’t try to be sneaky and just order a side of Cinnamon Curry Buffalo Blitz dipping sauce; you need to order at least $10 of food to use the code. Finally, the $3 coupon can only be used once and will expire the 3rd of March at Midnight PST. OK, now go head and get yourself some delicious breadsticks. Just remember, it’s more fun when you dip with a friend.

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