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Weekend Coupon: Bacon Alarm Clocks

December 13, 2013


Just Five More Minutes…

Wait… What time is it? Are you kidding?! We thought this new Pandora alarm clock feature was supposed to revolutionize waking up. Now instead of early rising to the sweet sounds of our Toni Braxton station, we’re stuck with only five minutes to finish this email. Let’s see… Sriracha gravy? Online shopping? Awkward small talk about the weather? Ugh, whatever.

But seriously, we love you Pandora. So please keep running our ads. In fact, this week’s coupon code is hidden in them! Haha just kidding it’s right here.

Coupon code:


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Need another coupon? Anything for you. We’ll give you another code when you tweet this:

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You’re the eggs and bakey in our wakey wakey.



*Our Facebook friend Matt S. told us that he’s sick of reading through all our long-winded Fine Print B.S. just to find out that this coupon code is good for $2 off and expires Sunday the 15th of December. Well, we love honesty, and we love you. If you ever have any questions, comments, concerns, (dirty jokes, epic poems), tell us. We’re always listening. And now, for all you purists out there (respect), here’s the Fine Print: You have to be an Eat24 member to enjoy this one-time use coupon only valid at restaurants that accept coupon codes. Also, you must complete an order of $10 or more and pay with Credit Card or PayPal. That’s it. Oh, and one more thing. Need last minute stocking stuffers? We’ve got a few pairs of Swaggles left that are burning a hole in our invisible pocket #NoPants. Holla at us on Facebook or Twitter to find out how to get your hands on some one-of-a kind Eat24 Swaggles.

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