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VIP Coupon: Hundred Dollar Bills Y’all (and Free Food)

January 25, 2013

Make it Rain

Some people collect comic books, some collect antique cars, and some collect tuxedos made of old AOL CDs (Hey, don’t judge. Everyone has their thing). Eat24 is collecting Likes. And we found a special place where you can like us for free, it’s called Facebook. So if you love food but hate pants, Like us on Facebook and help us with our collection.Don’t worry, we won’t brag about our high scores in Bejeweled Kitchen Daddy Smackdown, or bother you with what we’re listening to on Spotify (it’s Heavy D and the Boyz). But we will give you coupons, so Like us on Facebook. And if you Like your friends, tell them to Like us too. They will Like you back.

Now enter this code at checkout on this weekend’s order for something you’ll really like – savings*.

Coupon Code: Like24

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Oh, one more thing – Dave from accounting told us to tell you guys that he’s collecting $100 dollar bills, so if you have one tweet it to us with hashtag #MakeItRain. We’ll forward them to Dave, AND we’ll give you another coupon.
You’re the apple in our pie.Bon Appetit,

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* The first documented Like was in 2 million B.C. when Oog drew a mammoth on a cave wall and Ugg came by and gave it a thumbs up. The Like went unseen for years until a local villager posted a picture of an ill-tempered stray cat in town square. This picture was picked up by a man-servant and officially Liked by the Queen with the Royal thumb. The Like has evolved a bit since those early days, but we would still rather hug you than give you a digital thumb. Now let’s log in and Like this fine print. You have to be an Eat24 member to use the $3 coupon code (relax, signing up is as easy as typing lol in a comment thread). Also, you can only use codes at restaurants that accept coupon codes (no worries, there are over 20,000 of them) and pay with Credit card or PayPal. Also, don’t pull a fast one and try to just buy one bacon wrapped French fry for Instagram. You must complete an order of $10 or more to use the coupon. Finally, you can only use the code once, and it will expire the 27th of January at Midnight PST. Don’t forget to Like us on Facebook, or if you’re feeling personable, just stop by the office and we’ll all high five each other.

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