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ATTN Inflatable Tube Men: A Coupon

February 12, 2018

Congratulations! You’ve released this inflatable tube man from email prison. Now he can flop to and fro in peace. May his neverending, uncoordinated dance moves warm your heart.

As a reward (and since you’re probably hungry after all that dancing), use this coupon for fries and a shake on the app that throws its hands in the air and waves them like it just doesn’t care.

Coupon code: tube24





You’re the Cha Cha to our Jitterbug.


*Other things that make us as excited as an inflatable tube man. The 3rd season of Golden Girls. The Simpsons arcade game (dibs on Marge). Roller skate rinks that have singles’ night. Playing roulette and doubling down on 24. Being able to tell people that “Wild Wild West” features a sample of Stevie Wonder’s “I Wish”. Stare-offs. An alternate reality where a cheeseburger is writing fine print for a service that delivers people. When our lawyers talk fancy: This $2 coupon expires on Wednesday, February 14th 2018 at 11:59PM Pacific Time. You must have an Eat24 account to use our code, which can only be used once on an order with a total over $15 before tax and tip when paying with Credit Card, Apple Pay, PayPal, or Pay with Google. The coupon is valid only on or the Eat24 app. One last thing that makes it all worth it? You. Yes you, the person still reading this.

Inspirational Quote for the Weekend: Soup is a warm hug for your tummy.

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