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Top Keyword Search on EAT24? Domino’s

February 05, 2015


Hi Domino’s. Have you been working out? You look great! OK, we’re not actually here to blow smoke up your ventilation hood. Just wanted to share some facts with you.

Let us show you one of the sexiest things a giant pizza chain can see, hard data. We recently conducted a very scientific study complete with algorithms, slide rules and counting on our fingers, and discovered that the #1 thing people search for on EAT24 is “Domino’s.” Yes, you heard that right. Before burgers, sushi, and even bacon, people are searching specifically for you. However, when they do, this is what they get:

“No Results” are the saddest words in the English language.

Now just in case you don’t believe us, or you hate reading, here is a breakdown of the most searched items on EAT24. P.S. the data is shaped like a pie!


It’s ok, burgers. You’re just having a rough year 🙁

Now if that pie chart didn’t excite you, maybe this next bit will. There are Domino’s locations literally everywhere (even Intercourse, PA) making people hungry for pizza just by existing. When all those people search for “Domino’s” on EAT24 and get no results, they turn to us. So… our inbox and Twitter feed are constantly filled with requests to add the local Domino’s to EAT24.




Power to the pizza.

People who aren’t surrounded by 20 different Thai Fusion places or eleventeen burrito emporiums are screaming out for their saucy, cheesy, crusty pizza, and the name they’re screaming the loudest is Domino’s. In fact, if we were to stack all the Domino’s requests we’ve gotten from our customers, this is precisely how tall it would be.


Assume that one slice of pizza is equal to 500 customer requests.

OK, one last thing (sorry for all the math). When users search “Domino’s” on EAT24 and get no results, the bounce rate is around 0.7%. That means almost everyone stays on our app and orders from another pizza place that IS on EAT24, instead of going somewhere else… like, for example, While you let that sink in, please enjoy this .gif of a giraffe eating leaves.


Nom. Nom. Nom.

So with all this data, using science we come to this:

Problem: People want to order pizza with EAT24 (because EAT24 is the best way to order food online, duh) and people want Domino’s.

Solution: Domino’s should join EAT24.

This is just something to think about. Even though we know you’re really busy coming up with super advanced technology like a re-order button (5 years late), an app for Pebble (what?), and ordering by voice (Let’s think this through: You saved people a phone call by providing online ordering, then you develop an app that lets you order pizza by talking?).

OK, I think we’re done here. We’ll just leave you with this running tally of the sales you could be making with EAT24 while you were reading this.

  • Aston-Marty Arcega

    Definitely time to join the pizza party.

  • Naffi Liang

    all this and still no dominos on my eat24

  • AngelS

    Whoever writes for EAT24 brings me great joy! Hilarious.

  • Grace Soohye Moshfegh

    i think grubhub’s copy is cute and i use it as my go-to online ordering platform, but wow, EAT24’s got really great copy, too! bravo, folks.

  • L~Rose

    Screw Grubhub. Too many times I found them charging me more than the restaurant. EAT24 has never done that to me.

  • Donal Waide

    Why order Dominoes when EAT24 enables you to order real pizza.

  • Troy

    eww! Dominoes? Come on people, there’s much better pizza out there.

  • eat24

    you’re right, but we never met a pizza we didn’t like 🙂

  • eat24

    Glad you like it. Can we feed you too? Copy isn’t edible 🙂

  • eat24

    It’s always time for a pizza party!

  • eat24

    <3 <3 <3 <3

  • eat24

    I know right? What are they waiting for?

  • Molly N

    I love Domino’s! And I love EAT24 and their hilarious writers! I would eat so much more Domino’s if they were on EAT24.

  • eat24

    We love you more!!

  • Robin Turner

    right now all I can order with eat24 is from a single chinese place. I get more choices from grubhub. I live in a major metropolition area too. only reason I keep my eat24 app is because its the only one I can order chinese from. of course dominos DOES have their own app and you can always order from the website.

  • eat24

    Awww that’s not what we like to hear! Where are you? We’re growing everyday and would love to add more choices to your area soon. If you have any recommendations of favorite places nearby, we’re all ears:

  • Robin Turner

    Milwaukee, Wisconsin

  • Michelle Wilkinson

    This is brilliant!

  • eat24


  • Ellie

    I always knew Milwaukee was a major metropolition area. But I think that only involves certain parts of it.

  • Aviy Drake

    Bless. Tell them you can handle their social media while you’re at it.

  • eat24


  • Chris Wonder

    This is one of the best business proposals I’ve ever read! They’d be fools not to join you. Kudos eat24!

  • ohhellsnawh

    FYI – why are you so stingy with the coupons?

  • ohhellsnawh

    anything tastes good at 3am

  • eat24

    Thanks for making it through this ol’ thing 🙂

  • eat24

    You mean coupons like code ‘full’ ?

  • NewestType

    well youve luckily never eaten Dominoes then 😮

  • Phillip Randazzo

    Domino’s? Really, Domino’s? Dominoe’s is by far the worst pizza chain of the top 5 pizza franchises. Joey’s Pizza on the other hand, is the best pizza joint in Las Vegas, in fact, I’ll be ordering from there right after I post this. As for the Eat24 writers go, I totally agree they are funny, witty, smart and sarcastically brilliant, I do think they’ve watched every episode of Seinfeld and Friends at least four times!!!! Keep up the good work guys and gals..

  • eat24

    We love Joey’s Pizza! Some people may have questionable taste, but we don’t judge, we just feed 🙂 Now please enjoy this random screenshot from friends.

  • Phildoe77

    Good od friends, Thanksgiving episode when Joey was feeding Turkey to his pet Turkey..Classic….

  • Look, sometimes you just get a hankering for spray-cheese and ketchup on a cracker.

  • You are awesome in every way Eat24!

  • MickeyMoo

    So about $16859.07 in illegally collected bag charges?

  • Best copy writing always! I love you guys

  • freefalldenver

    Not everything. Skanks aside, most pizzas are vomit proof at 3am.

  • eat24

    We love you more!

  • eat24

    You are awesome-er-est.

  • eat24

    That’s a pretty serious accusation. We worked with local government agencies to ensure we are in compliance with the checkout bag ordinance in the cities where it is enforced. Can you let us know where you saw an illegal charge?

  • MickeyMoo

    Sure can – every single time I order a pizza through Eat24 I am charged a bag fee despite the box the pizza comes in being exempt from a bag fee (and no bag being used) and up until about a year ago your checkout software was charging tax on the bag fee which is specifically not allowed in the San Francisco bag ordinance.

  • Josh Bovill

    My coupon code expired today :(((( I haven’t ordered yet… Are you there? Help me please

  • eat24

    Thanks for elaborating on this. We agree, the bag fee ordinance has created a complicated and frustrating issue for customers, restaurants and EAT24. We sat down with city officials to determine the best way for our partner restaurants to comply with the ordinance, and any bag charges that you see on our service are a result of these discussions. We understand this is an issue with orders that don’t require a bag – and at this time the best solution is for us to refund the $0.10 for you on those orders. It’s also important to note that any fees associated with an order (bag fees, taxes, delivery fees, etc) go directly to the restaurant. We’re going to be working to find a better workaround for orders that don’t require a bag, but in the mean time we hope you can bear with us and reach out to so we can work with you to resolve any charges you believe to be unfair.

  • eat24

    We’ve got code ‘ears24’ for you, and in the future, the fastest way to get a code is by asking us on Twitter @EAT24 🙂

  • Josh Bovill

    Wow. I love you. And eating. And coupons. Mmmmm coupons

  • Georgia Wright

    An unfortunate but encouraging problem you have on your hands. The fact that Domino’s customers choose to search on EAT24 rather than going straight to Dominos’ easy to use website means that you have developed some seriously loyal customers. EAT24 has surpassed personal delivery websites and provided customers with a hub for seamlessly ordering any type of cuisine imaginable. Rather than EAT24 reaching out to Dominos, it seems more critical that Dominos reaches out to EAT24 and ensures they aren’t losing potential customers. Kudos for finding a gap in the market for delivery food and capitalizing on it!

    Georgiana Wright, anticipated graduation May 2017
    Freeman School of Business/ Tulane University

  • Zax Pearson

    … I’m looking at this 2 years later did they finally cave??

    Or since domino’s is a franchise why not make some domino’s chains that will run our orders state wide??

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