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Top 3 Hanson Brothers (You Won’t Believe Who’s First)

September 12, 2017

Quick, name your favorite brothers. If you said The Jonas Brothers, you’re wrong.

Why is Hanson the best brother boy band? (Boy brother band? Band of boy brothers?) Shiny blond hair. Striped shirts. Androgyny (even though we weren’t old enough to know what androgyny meant.) They had all the ingredients for fame. 

So today we present three lists dedicated to the band that should’ve been named Three Blondes.

Top 3 Hanson Brothers

Trailing at the back is Isaac, the oldest brother who probably wanted to listen to Nirvana instead of babysit all the time.

Zac looked like Taylor, but had to share a very similar name to Isaac. Unlike Isaac, Zac had to grow up way too fast. Isaac knew this, but he couldn’t let Zac be Zac because he had Isaac’s name too. Confused yet?

It’s no surprise that Taylor is our favorite, mainly because he was thankfully not named Zachary.

Top 3 Hanson Songs

Top 3 Things to Bring to a Hanson Show

Concerts take a lot out of you, so you wanna have a nutritious portable snack up your sleeve. String cheese actually fits up most regulation size sleeves, and can also double as glow sticks.

Having something to do between Mmmbop and Mmmbop (remix) is crucial to ensuring a pleasant concert experience.

Our tip is to order your wig well ahead of so you won’t be caught as the only brunette in a sea of blondes.

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