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Top 11 weirdest Bacon products

May 31, 2011

1.Bacon Mints

Bacon Mints

This has to be the worst combination of two things ever. At first you get a taste of bacon which is quickly overtaken by mint. People that have tried it, say that it leaves your mouth with a strange taste of minty bacon (no wonder).


2.Bacon Vodka

Bacon Vodka

The sensation of burning bacon alcohol down your throat has to be unique.


3. Bacon Air Freshener

Bacon Air Freshener

Gives your car the ‘pleasant’ aroma of a Restaurant’s Kitchen.


4.Bacon Coffee

Now you don’t have to cook bacon in the morning. Simple make the coffee and enjoy the taste of both in one.


5. Bacon Chocolate

Bacon Chocolate

Looks delicious.


6. Bacon Water

Bacon Water

Tired of drinking water that ‘tastes nothing’? This is perfect for you. Even though it’s made for cats and dogs you can still quench your thirst with some bacon liquid.


7. Bacon Soap

Bacon Soap

Smell of food on your body has NEVER been something positive. But then again I know there are people crazy enough to use this. Be advised: Do not use Bacon Soap around cannibals.


8. Bacon Lip Balm

Bacon Lip Balm

Now everything can taste like bacon. Just not sure your boyfriend will enjoy kissing you as much as he used to.


9. Bacon Coke

Bacon Diet Coke

I have never gotten used to the taste of diet coke. Maybe what was missing was the bacon… who knows? I am definitely trying this.


10. Bacon Tuxedo

Bacon Tuxedo

Guess what? It not only looks like bacon but it also smells like bacon. Please wear this only on Halloween.


11. Bacon Lube

Bacon Lube

I refuse to comment on this.

Have you tried any of these? If so, let us know if you liked it.

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