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Top 10 Game Day Foods

September 03, 2013

Get excited. Football is here. And there’s no better way to enjoy the hot gridiron action than taking off your pants, plopping on your favorite couch and ordering food delivery straight to your face. We’ve conducted hours and hours of research (involving a lot of excessive eating and drinking) to see what people across the country are ordering to their pigskin parties. Let’s kick this thing off. Here are the top 10 foods ordered on game day.

10. Jalepeño Poppers


Little fried balls of pure fiery delicious.

9. Philly Cheesesteak


So long as cheese and meat are involved, you’re going to have a good time.

8. Cheesesticks


You thought there was no way to improve on cheese, but then they deep fried it.

7. Chicken Tenders


Are they chicken fingers, sticks, nuggets? Who cares. They’re freakin’ delicious.

6. Nachos


Some call this an appetizer, some an entree. We just want it in and around our face.

5. Ribs


Mmmm. What’s that? I’m sorry, I just had ribs.

4. Tacos


Studies show people who love football also love tilting their head sideways to eat.

3. Burgers


Look at this and try not to drool. Did you do it? You’re a better person than us.

2. Pizza


Pizza and football go together like… well pizza and football.

1. Wings

WingsWas there really any question as to what was going to be #1?

But wait…

You can’t celebrate Game Day without

Bonus: Beer!


Pro Tip. Some of our restaurants actually deliver beer. It’s a wonderful world.

If you’re hosting make sure you have plenty for everyone and order online. If you’re not sure what to bring, the answer is always beer. Enjoy the games and don’t forget about Eat24 when planning your party. We got what you need.

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