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The Best Delivery Food to Pair with Every Flavor of La Croix

September 21, 2017

La Croix: It’s an enigma. A national obsession. An innocent but tantalizing sparkling beverage for all occasions. It may be the fidget spinner of drinks, but we love it with delivery (and life).

If you’ve never heard of La Croix (because you live inside a cave which is inside another cave that is 20,000 leagues under the ocean), it is a bubbly beverage that is essentially just sparkling water with a slight mist of flavor. And it is wonderful. Whether you pronounce it LA CWAH or LA CROY, one thing is for certain. We are living in the La Croix Revolution.

This is why it was so important to figure out, definitively, what flavors pair with our favorite delivery foods. Plus, since you can’t really drink wine or beer while you’re munching chow mein at work,we figured this would be the next best thing. Below, take a look at our definitive food pairings for every single flavor of La Croix.

Note: Only the thirteen OG flavors of La Croix were included in this list. It’s not that we don’t like the flavor hybrids like blackberry cucumber or kiwi watermelon, it’s just that we’re lazy.

Lime & Tacos

Lime is a classic flavor in the beverage world, but the real awesomeness about La Croix Lime is it actually tastes like lime. Which is why it works so well with tacos and burritos. It’s basically like squirting a lime in your mouth after each bite, except the lime is made of bubbles.

Apricot & Kung Pao Chicken

We’re not exactly sure what alchemy goes on here, but there’s something magical about spiciness, peanuts, and apricot. If kung pao isn’t your thing (shame on you) we’ve field-tasted (GET IT!!?) this flavor with chow mein, beef and broccoli and a whole bunch of sriracha. Guess what? It works just as well.

Lemon & Salmon w/ Arugula

How do you make fish taste less like fish? Lemon. Not only does the lemon flavor deliver on the lemony-ness, but it’s also as refreshing as a slip-n-slide on a hot day. If you’re vegan or gluten free or whatever (which is likely if you’re reading this blog about La Croix) Lemon pairs extremely well with arugula based salads. Also, Arugula Based Salad is a great band name.

Coconut & Thai Food

Hey kids, have you ever wanted a soda that totally tasted like suntan lotion? Well good news, here comes coconut flavored La Croix. We actually know a few people who swear this is the best flavor, so pushing aside our differences we discovered this actually works really well with Thai food, curries, and shrimp dishes. Also rum.

Peach Pear & Pizza

This is straight-up one of the most underrated flavors out there. It’s peach AND pear. Taste aside, we couldn’t find one food that worked perfectly with it. Probably because there isn’t an awesome food hybrid to even compete with the magic of peach AND pear. So let’s just say pizza. Pizza goes with everything. Also, we love alliteration.

Pamplemoose & Literally Everything

What exactly is a pamplemousse? Well when a pample and a mousse love each other… No. It’s French for Grapefruit. Why it’s the only French flavor is still a mystery, but what isn’t a mystery is Pamplemousse is the King and Queen of La Croix. It tastes good with anything. Believe us, we tried. Nachos? Yup. Wings? You know it. A slightly braised pile of asparagus with a creamy hollandaise? Strangely, yes. When everything else in the world fills you with constant disappointment, Pamplemousse is there for you.  

Chicken Tikka Masala & Mango

Man oh man, do we love mango. While the flavor of this one isn’t overpowering like some (looking at you, coconut) it’s just a hint, or an essence as the label clearly states, of fresh mango. This makes the perfect compliment to the flavor bomb that is Indian food. Nothing washes down delicious tikka masala or spicy vindaloo like bubbly mango spritzes.

Dessert & Berry

This is an interesting one. While most flavors taste really good with savory meals, Berry tastes best with a sweeter compliment. We like it with pies, tarts or other sweet desserts, especially super chocolatey ones. If you want to really class things up, pour a little bit in an unnecessarily tiny espresso cup. Pinkies up!

White Rice & Pure

If Dave from Accounting had a flavor, it would be Pure. If you’ve ever thought, hey, water would be so much better if someone blew bubbles into it, then this is for you. In terms of food pairings, we gotta go for a food that matches the excitement of the flavor. Plain, white rice. Enjoy being the most boring person ever.

Popcorn & Orange & Action Movies

OK, this one is kinda weird. For some reason Orange tastes perfect with buttered popcorn and a cheesy action movie from the 90s. Let’s say Face/Off. Maybe The Rock. Broken Arrow. That’s it. Again, we’re not flavor scientists and don’t understand how molecules work, but what we do know is orange flavored bubbles, popcorn, and 90s explosions work together.

Sandwiches & Tangerine

What has two slices of bread, filled with meat and veggies, plus a condiment? If you said George Clooney, you may have something wrong with you and should seek medical advice immediately. If you said sandwiches, hooray! You don’t have a concussion. Grab yourself a po’ boy, sub sandwich, hoagie, grinder (the non-app version) or grilled cheese and enjoy the flavor highway that is Tangerine La Croix and your favorite sandwich.

Sushi & Passionfruit

Passionfruit looks really weird. The seeds are packed full of flavor but to be honest they kinda look like fish eggs. No worries though because the flavor pairs perfectly with sushi, which also involves fish eggs. Totally valid connection! Not a stretch at all. So next time you’re looking at some fine sashimi, forget sake (actually, never forget sake. Sake is life.), grab a Passionfruit La Croix. Enjoy the tropical hula for your tastebuds and we promise you’ll only be mildly disappointed it’s not sake.

Burger & Cran-Raspberry

Let’s say you find yourself an amazing burger. Now, let’s say you’ve run out of beer, but of course, you have some Cran-Razz La Croix.Surprisingly, cranberry/rasberry bubbles taste amazing with medium-rare beef, toppings and a pretzel bun. So if you ever find yourself in an alternate dimension where beer has not been invented (or it’s just lunch time), grab yourself a Cran-Razz La Croix with that burger!


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La Croix and its parent company did not pay Eat24 anything to write this blog. We just really, really, really love La Croix. You could say we’re LA Cray Cray for La Croix Croix. If, for whatever reason La Croix wants to drive a giant truck filled with La Croix to our office, we’d be OK with that (just no Pure please).

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