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Mood: Monday (Gif Party)

April 17, 2017

There’s nothing like a holiday weekend to make Monday even more Monday-ish. Our clock told us it was time to wake up this morning, but our bodies refused to believe it. To help you face reality, here are some fantastic doodles that make everything more fun. (And a couple red pandas for […]


🍕🍔🌮😍💰 (It’s A Coupon)

January 05, 2017

So we just finally updated our phones (we’re lazy), and now we can’t believe we’ve gone our whole lives typing out the word “avocado” like cavemen. This important emoji update has opened up a whole new world for us. No time to write a longer email this week, we’re too […]


A Furry Monday GIF Party

November 14, 2016

Simpletons may call today “Monday,” but we prefer “T minus 9 days to Food Coma 2K16.” We can already smell the parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme (essential to one’s album collection as well as spice cabinet.) Until the holidays officially descend, here are some cute pets, silly humans, and good vibes […]


Super Monday Funday GIF Party

October 24, 2016

The best place to be on a Monday is deep in REM sleep, but for those who had to join us, welcome to the second best place. Just four days left until we’re relieved of soggy sandwiches, teleconferences, pants, and critical thinking. To chase away the Monday blues, here’s a congo line of little moving pictures […]


A Coupon To Make Your Dreams Come True

June 09, 2016

Even though there’s a strong no-cooking policy at Yelp Eat24 HQ, we still enjoy coming up with dream restaurants we wish someone else would open (and then deliver to us). Like a sandwich shop that blends up Sub Shakes. Or a BLT place that doesn’t even serve BLTs because their […]

Cal Z. One Prince of Coupons

A Coupon From Pizzavania

March 17, 2016

Hello friend, My name is Cal Z. Oné, Prince of the great Republic of Pizzavania. Recently, our great nation acquired exactly 4.2M in Yelp Eat24 coupon codes. Sadly, no restaurant delivers to our castle, but this leaves a tremendous opportunity for you. I am seeking a transfer of our vast […]


It’s Nothing (Okay, It’s A Coupon)

November 17, 2015

Hello, were you expecting something ridiculous from us? That makes sense. Some of our recent emails have been written by a ghost, a time traveler, and a potato. This week, we’re drawing a line in the sandwich (diagonal) and cutting to the chase (vertical). No guest cameos. No jokes. Just […]


Let Us Yelp You With A Coupon

October 15, 2015

Happy Friday! We just watched the new South Park episode starring our boo Yelp (congrats honey!) and somehow we’re still hungry. Just in case you’re hungry too, here’s a coupon for a little savings* when you order with our 3.5… no wait, 5-star app this weekend. Coupon code: famous24 Order […]


Eat24 Shacks Up With Yelp

July 09, 2015

  Gossip Alert: We just did the deed with Yelp. Yup, just a few months after getting hitched and we’re finally moving in together. QUICK ASIDE: We know we have a reputation of getting a little x-rated with our blog posts (and in general), but this one is pretty tame. Sorry […]


This Eat24 Coupon is Totes SFW

May 21, 2015

Hi. It’s Eat24. We’ll get to the weekly coupon in a sec, but first… check out the awesome commercial our better half Yelp just made! Even though they told us it’s “for internal use only” and “NSFW” (which we can only assume stands for Nachos Sound Freakin’ Wonderful), we just […]


Wouldn’t A Coupon Be Nice?

May 14, 2015

Honesty Hour: Coming up with a new coupon code every week is hard (you know, picking a random word and then adding 24 to it). That’s why we’re thankful for awesome customers like Todd, who asked us (via email*) if we could put 24 first this week because, “it would […]


What’s Deep Inside Eat24? Cool Yelp Data

May 07, 2015

We’re not the type to get married, settle down, and become boring. No way. Marriage needs a bit of spice and excitement to keep things fresh. That’s why we’ve been experimenting and trying new things with Yelp lately. You know, things like integration. Deep integration. Long story short, we shrunk […]


Customers Actually Buy Wedding Gifts for EAT24

March 02, 2015

  Who got the best wedding presents? —> THIS APP! Now that we’ve officially tied the knot with Yelp, there’s only one thing left to do. Go on our honeymoon! And yes, duh, we’re headed to a remote couch in the Florida Keys. It’s going to be a romantic, pants-free […]


1st Comes Love, 2nd Comes Marriage, 3rd Comes Coupons

February 12, 2015

STOP THE INTERNET: We have an announcement: EAT24 and Yelp got married! No, we didn’t run away to Vegas or anything. We had a quiet little ceremony here in San Francisco. Charmin was the ring bearer, Skittles gave a really nice toast, and Beyoncé performed at the reception. And now… […]


EAT24 and Yelp Get Married: An Email from EAT24 CEO

February 10, 2015

  Hi guys 🙂 We have some pretty great news… but we’re way too excited to type, so instead we’re going to share this morning’s company-wide email from The Boss: Good morning, lovely people. Have 5 minutes for me? I hope you brought an extra pair of pants today because I have really exciting […]


Weekend Coupon: Eat24’s Summer Fling with Yelp

July 12, 2013

Guess who we made out with Gossip Alert! We met someone. We grew up in the same hometown, we both love food, and we both look amazing in red spandex. Figure out who it is yet? You’ve definitely heard of them, and you’ve probably seen them around (it’s hard to […]

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