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Coupon for A Genius (You)

November 10, 2016

    Happy Single’s Day! Today is the perfect excuse reason to treat ourselves. So order that crab rangoon your friends never feel like. Put pineapples AND anchovies on your pizza, you free spirit. Get blue cheese garlic fries, because you march to the beat of your own drum. Basically, you […]


A Coupon And A Social Update

October 20, 2016

We noticed Facebook announced some new features this week, and we have an announcement too! Introducing Eat24Face: an entire new way to eat and be social at the same time. Soon you’ll be able to upload baby photos, poke pancakes, and get updates from Aunt Clara’s latest vacation to the […]


Coupon for your thoughts

September 29, 2016

So how are you? What’s happening? Anything you want to get off your chest? We’ll go first: We didn’t floss last night. Your turn. Send your biggest secret to Also, here’s a coupon for $2 off* our definitely not Illuminati app.                 Coupon code: discuss24   Want another coupon? Just tweet […]

Yelp Eat24 Brangelina

A Coupon For Heartbreaks

September 22, 2016

We had big plans to send you an email full of happy jokes about falafel, ramen and breadsticks (plus a real zinger about meatballs), but what’s the point? Love is over. Brad and Angelina broke up. There’s only one thing left to do. Put Mr. & Mrs. Smith on repeat, try […]


A Coupon Plus A Celebrity Pickle

September 15, 2016

Well, it’s Friday and you know what that means: A list of random observations plus a $2 coupon for you. Here’s what happened this week: Bel Biv DeVoe released their first single in 15 years. We already lost our fantasy football league (drafting 4 kickers + Joe Flacco = bad […]


A Coupon & A Surprise (It’s More Coupons)

September 12, 2016

  It’s Friday the 13th, right? Really weird things are supposed to happen, so we thought it’d be a good time to make an announcement. We’re doing something so wacky, so shocking, so utterly unimaginable… Being on the edge of your seat takes a lot of energy, so here’s $2 […]


A Coupon For Your Future Soul Mate

September 08, 2016

Life is full of important questions: Is this shirt too wrinkly to wear in public? What is the string theory and does it relate to cheese? Where can I find my soulmate? We can’t help you find true love, but we can help you find real pizza, which is pretty […]


A Podcast And A Coupon Cast

August 28, 2016

  Wish there was a true crime podcast for food lovers? We’ve got your back. Check out our first episode below. Just be sure to read it in a calm public radio voice: When a pizza showed up at the house, the oven wasn’t sure what to think. How could […]

VIP Image Yelp Eat24 Ghostwriter

A Coupon From The Eat24 Ghostwriter

August 27, 2016

Hi. I’m a ghost. Got a sheet and everything. Sure, I roam the halls of the Eat24 office and occasionally scare people, but there is more to me than noisy chains, walking through walls, and elongating my OOO’s. I also happen to enjoy literature, fine wine, and recreational couponing. Use […]


A Coupon For The Eat24 Music Festival

August 25, 2016

Summer is almost over (apologies to those already back to school, work, or in the Southern Hemisphere) but before we say goodbye, how about one more silly music festival (aka feastival): The Eat24 Super Great Time Weekend Explosion Couchella 2016. Best part? No wristbands, no mosh pits, no people. Just […]


If You’re Reading This, Here’s A Coupon

August 18, 2016

Are you reading this? Good. You’re one of the few. Apparently, no matter how many dumplings we stuff in our emails, they still get marked as spam. Dumplings ≠ spam. So, we need your help. If you want to keep getting our coupons, star this email, drag it into your […]


Potato Sam Says, “Here’s A Coupon.”

August 11, 2016

This week’s Friday email has a special guest. Here to tell you about life as a potato (and give you a coupon) is the official mascot of the 2016 Ughlympics, Potato Sam: Hot Potato, everyone! Just like you, I put my potato skins on one fry at a time. I’m […]


A Coupon For The Yelp Eat24 Ughlympics

August 04, 2016

As fans of rings (both gymnastic and onion) we couldn’t be more excited to celebrate the glory that is the sports thing happening in Rio right now. Of course, that thing we’re talking about is The Ughlympics. So whether your dream is to reach the ultimate level of human fitness, […]

Yelp Eat24 VIP Coupon Sauces

A Saucy Coupon For The Weekend

July 28, 2016

Before we get to your coupon, we’d like to take a moment to give a shout out to someone special. Of course, we’re talking about Sauce. Sauce, you’re incredible. You can be hot, cold, liquid, or solid. You have amazing names that sound like supervillains (The Evil Hollandaise! Professor Arrabbiata! […]


A Coupon To Help You POMO

June 22, 2016

Good news! Hanging out with your couch is officially the coolest way to spend Friday night. That means you don’t have to worry about FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) anymore – now it’s all about POMO (Pleasure Of Missing Out). Seriously, we did some fancy research and POMO is totally […]


We Love You (And Coupons)

June 16, 2016

Hey there, We love sending you coupons. It’s pretty much our favorite thing to do. But this week we thought we’d try something different and have you send us a coupon. We aren’t picky so we’ll take pretty much anything… a free yoga class for goldfish, a 2 for 1 […]


A Well Cited Coupon Code

June 02, 2016

A few weeks back, we were called out for “making stuff up” about quesadillas. While these rumors are false, we have decided to cite our sources in this email to avoid any confusion. Burgers were invented to keep French Fries¹ from being so lonely. The tiny fish eggs on top of […]


The Mailer Daemon Has Your Coupon

May 26, 2016

Hi. It’s me, the Mailer Daemon. You might know me from such email services as letting you know your message didn’t send, reminding you there are two “S’s” in your Aunt Carol’s Hotmail address, and my personal favorite, bouncing reply-alls. Looking through billions of emails may sound like a dream […]


A Poem About Your Coupon

May 19, 2016

Did you know: There aren’t any famous poems about food delivery. Well, we’re here to change that. *Clears throat* Taco, taco, how your shell crunches. But dumplings exist, so let’s have two lunches. Tikka Masala, then fries and a nap. Ordering every single meal on our poem-writing app. And since we […]


Thanks For Applying, Here’s A Coupon

May 13, 2016

OOPS. Were you looking for 8 Tips for Totally Nailing Your Yelp Eat24 Interview ? <— Right there   Thank you for your interest in becoming Vice President of Egg Rolls at Yelp Eat24. This email is to confirm that we have received your application. While we review your resume/order history to […]

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