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Eat24 Receives Honorary Weed Strain for 4/20

April 17, 2014

OK. It’s official. As Ice Cube would say, “Gotta say today was a good day.” One minute we’re a kick ass food delivery app and the next minute we’re a kick ass food delivery app that has its own strain of weed. Yes, you read that correctly and we know […]


Weekend Coupon: Get Your Free Candy™

January 24, 2014

Can we talk about the amazing week that weed is having? First, it gets some major love from the Commander in Chief himself, Barack Obama. Then the Broncos and Seahawks win a trip to the Super Bowl after their home states legalize marijuana. High five, weed! And they said you […]


Weekly Coupon: Free Magic Brownies

November 09, 2012

  Hungry? High there, Colorado and Washington The election is over and three things are clear: 1) #NoPantsNation is strong in Colorado and Washington. 2) We need to add a “Munchies” search filter to the site ASAP (frankly, we’re disappointed we didn’t think of it sooner). 3) We’re opening new […]

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