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The Time For Thy Coupon Is Nigh

August 22, 2014

Too lazy to put a sentence together? Us too! We’re reaching waaaay back into our archives because #FlashbackFriday is definitely a thing, and because recycling an old email means we don’t have to write a new one. Enjoy this gem from 1657. Good day. Is your majesty hungry? Ye olde […]


F is for Fail: EAT24’s Menu Meltdown

August 07, 2014

Confession: We sell pest pasta and crap cake sandwiches. At least according to our app we do. That’s because apparently we’re really terrible at typing. Oops. Sorry about that! Like all things, our public shaming started on Twitter. We were just hanging out, posting reaction gifs to Beyoncé’s latest Tweets, […]


Weekend Coupon: Something Missing

June 13, 2014

All words, everything This message has no content. OK technically it does, but we can’t shake the feeling that something is missing. Every week we send you this email and every week it has the same three things: random words, a coupon, and fine print. It’s all just words, words, […]


Weekend Coupon: Munchie Timer

May 09, 2014

The clock is ticking Take your fancy watch and throw it in the garbage. Well, OK. Don’t actually do that. Recycle it, or trade it in for a leather massage hammock or something. The point is, you won’t be needing it anymore because we put a timer in our app. […]


Eat24: Life Without Facebook

May 01, 2014

Hey guys, As you might have heard, we recently closed our Facebook page. No big deal. Just your average love story: Brand meets social media platform, falls head over heels… then one day the spark is gone so the brand writes a dramatic breakup blog and emails it to a […]


Weekend Coupon: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert & Eat24

April 11, 2014

We need your support Do you accept bribes? Good. Keep reading. So Stephen Colbert is taking over for David Letterman. The bad news is we didn’t get the host job. The good news is he’s gonna need a sidekick… and we’re perfect for it! Think about it: we can tell […]


Weekend Coupon: Amazon Wishlist

April 04, 2014

You guys are so sweet   You guys! We’re so flattered. Lately we’ve been getting lots of emails from customers saying stuff like, “Hey Eat24. You’re always giving out coupons, making delicious food happen, and randomly tweeting at me to say my hair looks good today. How can I thank […]


Customers React to Eat24’s Bear Dick Apology

March 11, 2014

So, did we ever tell you about that one time we accidentally showed a bear penis on TV, felt bad about it, and then sent an apology because even though we totally didn’t do it on purpose, we knew bear penis wasn’t exactly appetizing. Good times, right? Little did we realize that […]


Weekend Coupon: T’was the Coupon Before X-Mas

December 20, 2013

Merry Mother-In-Law This week we’d love to tell you the perfect recipe for gingerbread waffles (add 1 cup eggnog to 1 cup brandy, stir, order waffles online) or explain to you that the only thing we want for Christmas is world peace… and an industrial-sized margarita machine, but we have […]


Weekend Coupon: Bacon Alarm Clocks

December 13, 2013

Just Five More Minutes… Wait… What time is it? Are you kidding?! We thought this new Pandora alarm clock feature was supposed to revolutionize waking up. Now instead of early rising to the sweet sounds of our Toni Braxton station, we’re stuck with only five minutes to finish this email. […]


Weekend Coupon: Email Shenanigans

October 11, 2013

Did you miss us? Hi, it’s Eat24. If you’re reading this email, you should probably run out and buy a lottery ticket because you’re one lucky taco lover! For the last two weeks, our email provider decided to send our VIP Email to just ten percent of you (you’d think […]


Eat24 Shutdown Prank: We’re SorryNotSorry

October 07, 2013

So… guess the Internet can’t take a joke. Here’s what happened. We sent this amazing little email poking fun at the Government shutdown with a coupon to order delivery for the weekend.   HA! Isn’t it funny, we all said. Aren’t we so clever and topical, we all said (while laughing […]

Eat24 Andy Milonakis Twitter Rap Battle

Eat24 and Andy Milonakis Twitter Rap Battle

October 04, 2013

We spend most of our time slaying hunger, but every now and then we like to take a moment to drop some dope rhymes. Because sometimes the Internet just calls out for a slaw of lyrical justice. So when Andy Milonakis hit us with a few lines on Twitter, the […]


Weekend Coupon: Delivery Heroes

August 23, 2013

High Five Your Hero Here at Eat24, we’re in the business of making dreams come true. And business is good. Everyone has dreams. At one point or another, we all fantasize about what it would be like to catch a touchdown pass from Joe Montana, go sweater shopping with Bill […]

Happy Delivery Guy Appreciation Weekend!

Eat24’s 2nd Annual Delivery Driver Appreciation Weekend

August 22, 2013

Guess what!? It’s that time of year where we salute the hardest working person in the business. No, not porn stars. We’re talking about the men and women who bring you tacos, burgers, and chow mein, no matter if it’s raining, snowing, or the apocalypse outside; the delivery driver. Last […]


Weekend Coupon: Food Baby

June 21, 2013

It’s a Burrito! Kanye West made a music baby, Kim Kardashian made a real baby (that’s two for Kanye), and Facebook made an Instagram video baby. Feeling left out? Us too. Let’s make a food baby! Enter this Coupon Code at checkout for some free love* this weekend. Coupon Code: […]


Weekend Coupon: Room Service With A Smile & No Pants

June 07, 2013

Your couch comes with room service. The Hilton cancelled room service forever. Who cares? Definitely not you. You’re an Eat24 VIP, which means you’ve been getting Maple Bacon Pancake Sliders hand-delivered to your couch since 2008. No snooty concierge. No sketchy bed sheets. No overpriced mini-bar Peanut M&Ms. Just you […]


Weekend Coupon: How’d You Get So Fine Print

May 31, 2013

Free money Who doesn’t like free money? Answer: Nobody. We really really want you to take our free money this weekend. To make this as easy as possible, we’re putting our coupon code Fine Print way up here in the regular print. You have to be an Eat24 member to […]


Weekend Coupon: Yoda just broke up with Taylor Swift

May 17, 2013

What’s Your Excuse? Maybe you order delivery because there’s nothing in your fridge except ketchup and beer. Maybe you can’t bear to cook after spending yet another exhausting day being ridiculously good looking. Or maybe you do it because your odds of being yelled at by Gordon Ramsay go way […]


Weekend Coupon: Tap Dat App

May 10, 2013

Challenge Accepted Apple says the App Store is about to hit 50 billion app downloads, and we say… Challenge Accepted! Our app is almost there (give or take a few billion), and we know we can win the race. While the other guys bring you emoticons and talking cats, Eat24 […]

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