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Pour Some Gravy Over This Coupon

November 23, 2017

Dave in Accounting had a “great” idea to make an email with “cool” Thanksgiving puns. So, here you go: Gourd morning! Just a reminder, the tur-KEY to a cran-MERRY Thanksgiving is side dishes. But be sure to eat cornu-COPIOUS amounts of stuffing, save a gob-BOWL of cranberry sauce, and if […]

Eat24 Goobles Thanksgiving

14 Ways to Avoid Awkward Situations This Thanksgiving

November 22, 2016

While Thanksgiving is a wonderful time for side dishes, it’s less wonderful for dinner conversations. Every year there’s someone (usually an Uncle) who says something that makes you wish you were anywhere else. Next time a family member asks about work, who you voted for, or why you haven’t given […]

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