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If You Like Piña Coladas & Coupons

January 26, 2017

It’s time for some fun facts about pineapples (also a coupon). Pineapples are America’s favorite seed1 originally discovered by Emilio Estevez2 while vacationing in the Bermuda Triangle3. Pineapples are rich in Vitamin P4. In fact, eating the skin of the pineapple5 is known to prevent aging6 and improve your limbo […]

The OG Paleo Diet.

A Throwback Coupon

October 23, 2014

Did you know? EAT24 has #TBT (or #FBF or whatever the kids are calling it now). Yep. It’s called Re-Order and it’s a button that lives in your EAT24 account. It’s basically #ThrowbackThursday for your mouth, except instead of disco pants and big hair, you get Rainbow Rolls. So go […]

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