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What Day Is It? Coupon Day!

September 10, 2015

  Hi. We have a coupon for you, but first… The following is an exact transcript of yesterday at 4:37PM. Us: Haha, look at this .gif of a cat eating spaghetti. Boss: Hey, where’s the Friday email? Us: It’s only Wednesday*, calm down. Boss: Actually it’s Thursday and the email […]


Tacos, Tacos, And A Coupon

March 12, 2015

Our boss thinks we’re obsessed with tacos and hates it when we use taco for every single joke (What can we say? Taco is the 2nd most hilarious food besides rutabaga.) so this week’s email is dedicated to the man who signs our checks (please don’t fire us). Hey Taco […]


EAT24 and Yelp Get Married: An Email from EAT24 CEO

February 10, 2015

  Hi guys 🙂 We have some pretty great news… but we’re way too excited to type, so instead we’re going to share this morning’s company-wide email from The Boss: Good morning, lovely people. Have 5 minutes for me? I hope you brought an extra pair of pants today because I have really exciting […]


EAT24 Becomes CEO of Google

November 11, 2014

Dear Google, Our mama always told us to write thank you letters, so we wanted to send you a quick note and say thanks so much for promoting us to our new position of Google CEO. It’s very sweet that even though you have, like, 59 katrillion dollars, you don’t […]

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