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The Best Delivery Food to Pair with Every Flavor of La Croix

September 21, 2017

La Croix: It’s an enigma. A national obsession. An innocent but tantalizing sparkling beverage for all occasions. It may be the fidget spinner of drinks, but we love it with delivery (and life). If you’ve never heard of La Croix (because you live inside a cave which is inside another […]


I <3 My Restaurant Contest: Send Love and Win $250

August 23, 2017

Consider this: When you’re hungry, busy, tired, or deep in season two of Planet Earth, who do you turn to? Obviously, the people who bring you delicious food, always get your order right, and arrive at your door with a smile. So this week, we’re helping you return some of […]


A Man, A Plan, A Coupan (Coupon)

June 22, 2017

  Looking for a coupon? We’ll get to it in a second. First, a love story. A few weeks ago, our designer fell for the man pictured above. They both enjoy minimalist decor, warm drinks, and getting lost in each others’ eyes. It just works. The only problem is, he’s […]


We Bet You Will Like This Coupon

April 20, 2017

Did you know we have a Facebook page? Did you? Did you really? Because according to our research, the following pages have way more likes than Yelp Eat24 (aka your friends who literally BRING YOU TACOS): Three different pages called “dank memes” Important Otter News The Toledo Mud Hens Minor […]


Spell Our Name For A Coupon

March 24, 2016

Hey Starbucks, Let us start by saying, we love you. What you’re doing with milk, espresso, whatever a macchiato is, and caramel, is nothing short of brilliant. But we need to talk. Our name is Eat24, Yelp Eat24 formally (and Taco24 if you’re nasty). Despite what our coffee cups say, […]


The Emoji (And The Coupon) You’ve Been Waiting For

October 22, 2015

We were going to write a really long and impressive email about giving you a coupon, but then we wasted* a bunch of time texting the taco emoji (and every other new emoji, but mostly the taco) to everyone we know. Oops. At least we still made this coupon** you […]


Tacos, Tacos, And A Coupon

March 12, 2015

Our boss thinks we’re obsessed with tacos and hates it when we use taco for every single joke (What can we say? Taco is the 2nd most hilarious food besides rutabaga.) so this week’s email is dedicated to the man who signs our checks (please don’t fire us). Hey Taco […]


Where the #$&% is our Taco Emoji

July 17, 2014

Normally, we try to look at the bright side of everything, especially if the bright side involves realizing the bread we’re eating has cheese inside it. These are not normal times though. That’s because something is bothering us. And yes, it’s exactly what you think it is: Taco emoji. More specifically, […]


Tacos and Vodka and Eat24Hours

October 04, 2010

Today is National Taco Day and National Vodka Day and you can help the nation celebrate these great foods and drinks easily through the Eat24Hours website. How you may ask, can Eat24Hours help you honor these things? With Eat24Hours, there is not a food or drink you cannot find. Even […]

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