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An important $2 coupon and the MOST important shape

May 04, 2018

Consider the triangle. Yes it has three sides. Yes it’s pointy. But is there one triangle to rule them all? After thorough research involving beakers, slide rules, and 1.21 gigawatts of pepperoni, we have come to our conclusion: Pizza is the best triangle. Prove our hypothesis and use this code […]


Ask Yelp Eat24: Advice for Tater Tot Lovers

January 17, 2017

Send us your questions about love, life, and pizza toppings. We’ll draw diagrams if necessary.   Dear Yelp Eat24, My girlfriend is acting distant lately. When I ask if she wants to order chicken tikka masala she says “Uh, sure.” When I ask if she wants to order chow mein […]


A Coupon Down Memory Lane

December 14, 2016

So the weather outside is scary, and the food in your fridge is hairy. We’re sending you a special coupon, to go pantsless and get your food on. Pickle, potato, vegan or carnivore, happy holidays from Eat24. We know you said no gifts this year, but we went ahead and […]


Science Says Pizza Makes People Want to Have Sex

October 17, 2016

  Science has finally confirmed what everyone else knew all along: Pizza makes people feel sexy. We did some research (ok, we made Dave from Accounting and a few other nerds do it) and talked to 2,000 people about how they get their partner in the mood for lovin’. The […]


Tacos, Tacos, And A Coupon

March 12, 2015

Our boss thinks we’re obsessed with tacos and hates it when we use taco for every single joke (What can we say? Taco is the 2nd most hilarious food besides rutabaga.) so this week’s email is dedicated to the man who signs our checks (please don’t fire us). Hey Taco […]

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