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This Coupon Contains More Than 2% BBQ Sauce

February 02, 2017

Not every bowl is super. Most, are simply OK. But they are all important. In the world of kitchenware, bowls are like hugs. They cradle and protect our soup, cereal, and cheese sauce from the elements (and moochers). Let’s hear it for the regular, non-threatening, C+ earning bowls of the […]


Celebrate The Ughlympics With Eat24

August 04, 2016

  UPDATE: Find out what happened when Potato Sam took over our Twitter. So the Olympics Committee says we are not allowed to talk about that sports thing that is happening in Rio the next two weeks. Yep, anyone who isn’t an official sponsor can’t refer to it by name […]

a coupon for non sports things with a cute mouse

A Coupon For Sports and Not Sports

February 04, 2016

We’re tired of people telling us what we should and shouldn’t be doing for “The Big Game.” Eat fries! Watch puppies! Don’t wear purple! Whatever. We respect your intelligence too much to tell you chicken wings taste good with football, but we do have a few things to say about […]


Mascots Eating People – A Tribute

February 03, 2016

  What’s that? Oh really? The Super Bowl is coming up? Are you sure? Yes, we know it’s Super Bowl time again. Chicken wings, commercials, “last rodeo,” Lady Gaga, “The New Left Shark,” Cam Newton Versace pants dab. See? We pay attention to things. Anyway, our analytics guy told us […]


Top 10 Game Day Foods

September 03, 2013

Get excited. Football is here. And there’s no better way to enjoy the hot gridiron action than taking off your pants, plopping on your favorite couch and ordering food delivery straight to your face. We’ve conducted hours and hours of research (involving a lot of excessive eating and drinking) to see […]


Hungry? Here’s 10 Ways to Make the Olympic Games Tastier

August 07, 2012

Maybe it’s because the Olympic torch makes us hungry for BBQ. Maybe watching swimming gives us sushi cravings. And maybe after we watch Kenyans run mile after mile, all we can think about is the giant smorgasbord of food they get to eat to replenish all those burnt calories. Whatever […]


Sport Families and

October 12, 2010

If you are a parent of children involved in sports, you can totally appreciate the ease of using Eat24Hours to order delivery during the hectic sports season. Running from practices after a long day at work leaves little desire to cook little lone do the clean up after preparing a […]

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