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10 Snack Flavors That Should Never Exist

December 14, 2017

If you’ve gone outside lately (which we don’t advise but sometimes happens), you might have seen some new snack flavors. Blueberry-blasted cinnamon cereal, chili cheese corn dog twists, red velvet cheesecake, cookies, ice cream, and anything else that can be red velvetized (which is everything). So to stay on top […]


5 Ways To Avoid The Stale Donut In Your Office

October 05, 2017

Picture this hypothetical situation that definitely doesn’t happen to us: Your coworker brings in donuts every Friday and you only eat three. Come Monday, you go into work and see that familiar pink box still sitting in the kitchen. There’s a maple bar inside (your favorite) and it looks good. […]


Super Bowl Bingo

January 30, 2013

The Super Bowl (or Sports Thanksgiving) is a National Holiday in this beautiful country, and for good reason. It has something everyone can love, from checking out football player bums, to commercials with talking babies, to aging rock stars belting out their classic songs with laser lights and bikini-clad models. […]

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