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OMG A Coupon

July 14, 2017

Being surrounded by food 24/7 means part of our job is being on the forefront of trends. The Cronut? On it. Matcha milkshakes? Saw it coming a mile away. Fidget Spinners? Even we couldn’t predict that. Point is, we’re trendsetters, and we want to share some of the latest acronyms […]


100 Trendy Acronyms You Need To Know To Be An Upstanding Human

July 12, 2017

Do you fit in? Get invited to non-professional social events? Make a great first impression as a cool person to have at a picnic? Love saying full phrases as capital letters (AKA acronyms)? If so, will you teach us your secrets? If not, you’re reading the right article. The following […]


Get $5 Off with Apple Pay

August 18, 2016

Want $5 off dinner? Checkout with Apple Pay using coupon code ‘applepay24’ on the Yelp Eat24 app from now until 8/24 and you get $5 off* your order. It’s as easy as (Apple) pie. Lucky you, lucky stomach. Coupon code: applepay24       You’re the apple to our fritter. […]


Gossip Alert: Noodles and Rice Twitter Feud Erupts

February 16, 2015

Some people call us the TMZ of food. Well, actually no one has ever called us that, but they’re probably about to. That’s because we’re full of exclusive gossip and we aren’t afraid to spread it like peanut butter. Or Nutella. Or cream cheese. Anyway, you get the point, so here’s the latest […]


A Coupon For Your 7-Day Weekend

August 15, 2014

  Happy 7-day weekend! Wait, what? You only have 2 days off? You should talk to HR* about that because that doesn’t seem right at all. Meanwhile, this EAT24 coupon code will be good for 7 days. Why? We broke a taco shell this morning (7 days of bad luck) […]

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