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Only 90s Coupons Will Remember

November 09, 2017

We have hidden a secret message just for you in the above image. To see it follow these steps: Stare at the image until your vision blurs. Relax your eyes (whatever that means). Give up. Try again. Fail. Slam head against image. Question reality. Realize you’re hungry. Use this code […]


Your Coupon & Free Horoscope

March 30, 2017

Not sure what to eat this weekend? We summoned the spirits of the metaphysical world (some guy named Blaze) to help you decide. Based on your star sign, wild speculation, and the position of constellations (pho is in retrograde, while linguini is waning) we determined that these foods will bring […]


A Kinda Lucky Coupon

March 16, 2017

Can you keep a secret? Last night we were cleaning out our closet (rabbit’s foot, horseshoe, potatoes) and we heard a rustling. Turns out, it was a leprechaun attracted to our old knick-knacks. So, we caught it. Now we have all his gold and we’re sharing it with you. Use […]

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