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I <3 My Restaurant Contest: Send Love and Win $250

August 23, 2017

Consider this: When you’re hungry, busy, tired, or deep in season two of Planet Earth, who do you turn to? Obviously, the people who bring you delicious food, always get your order right, and arrive at your door with a smile. So this week, we’re helping you return some of […]


An otter you can’t refuse. Plus a coupon.

February 09, 2017

We thought you might need a few reasons to smile today (since you have such a nice smile), so here are eight of them: You’re having an exceptional hair day. Otters hold hands in the water when they sleep so they don’t drift apart. You are wonderful (just like garlic […]


Let Us Yelp You With A Coupon

October 15, 2015

Happy Friday! We just watched the new South Park episode starring our boo Yelp (congrats honey!) and somehow we’re still hungry. Just in case you’re hungry too, here’s a coupon for a little savings* when you order with our 3.5… no wait, 5-star app this weekend. Coupon code: famous24 Order […]

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