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Shoop Shoop Coupon

September 29, 2017

Hello email reader, This is email writer. It’s been a while since we’ve heard from you. Need anything written this weekend? How about a letter of recommendation? Perfect for job recruiters, blind dates, or anyone who doesn’t know about your great smile, sauce-dipping skills, and all-around good person-ness. Drop us […]


A Tagline Emergency + Your Coupon

September 03, 2015

Drop what you’re doing – this is an Eat24 emergency. We need a new tagline, and we need it now (Ok, maybe it’s not an emergency the way Pho delivery is an emergency, but it’s up there). The point is: Eat24 needs your help. We need a new tagline (slogan, […]


F is for Fail: EAT24’s Menu Meltdown

August 07, 2014

Confession: We sell pest pasta and crap cake sandwiches. At least according to our app we do. That’s because apparently we’re really terrible at typing. Oops. Sorry about that! Like all things, our public shaming started on Twitter. We were just hanging out, posting reaction gifs to Beyoncé’s latest Tweets, […]

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