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Eat24 Study: iPhone Users are Healthier than Android Users

August 25, 2015

A report conducted, written, and produced by Eat24. Yes, the same Eat24 that brought you such reports as Porn, What is it Good For?, Life without Facebook and something about a bear’s manhood. Stallone vs. Schwarzenegger. PlayStation vs. Xbox. Batman vs. Superman. Star Wars vs. Star Trek. These debates are […]


Summer’s Almost Over But the Coupon Party Isn’t

August 14, 2015

Summer is pretty much over and you know what that means? Salad. After three glorious months of ice-cream-cookies-cheesecake-deep-fried waffle-sprinkle sundaes, we need some leafy greens (with Ranch… Lots of Ranch). Luckily our totally ripped app has a Healthy filter which lets you sort out delicious green things from delicious fried […]

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