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HOT Single Coupon Seeking Tummy

November 03, 2017

Do ever wonder about the one that got away? We sure do. So when one of our readers wrote this missed connection, we offered to help spread the word: You: Saucy pizza riding the J train Friday night. You were right between the guy playing bagpipes and yogurt lady Me: […]


EAT24 Sorry For Revealing TODAY Show Anchor’s Number on TV

January 21, 2015

  Quick question: Is there a greeting card for ‘Sorry we showed everyone your phone number on national TV and now you’re getting a whole lotta phone calls, texts, and voicemails’? There isn’t? Damn. We only ask because our new HANGRY app was on The TODAY Show this morning and […]


There’s A New App In Town. And A New Coupon.

January 15, 2015

  Too lazy to decide what to eat? Stuck in an endless loop of Sesame Chicken? (Zzzzz boring) Don’t worry! We love you, and we made an app called HANGRY to help get you fed without any BS. Just click the HANGRY button and the app creates a random order […]


New HANGRY App tells Hunger to STFU

January 13, 2015

  We ran some reports and we’ve got bad news: Our database has detected that you’re boring. Hang on! Don’t get upset. It’s just that you always order the same thing (Chow mein on Fridays and tacos on Tuesdays) like, literally every week. Don’t get us wrong, we love chow […]


BRB Vacation, But First a Coupon

August 01, 2014

  Auto Reply: Out of the Cheeseburger Office. Thanks for your email. We’re currently away from our desk on the annual trip to Ice Cream Island and won’t be responding until we run out of sprinkles or hot fudge, whichever comes first. If you think you’re having a sushi emergency, […]


Who Wants to Marry Eat24: Office Lunch Rebound Edition

October 28, 2013

While you might think of Eat24 as an online food ordering service, we also like to think of ourselves as Food Therapists. We have so much experience with the healing properties of burritos, double cheeseburgers, and chicken fried steak (organic, of course), we’ve petitioned our alma mater to change our […]


Weekend Coupon: Who Wants to Party?

October 25, 2013

Who wants to party? Eat24 needs YOU. We want your feedback and we’re willing to feed… back (Get it?). Eat24 wants to buy lunch for your whole office so you can test out our shiny new Shared Cart feature. Now friends (coworkers, pen pals, lovers) can order simultaneously from the […]

tacos equal success

How to Get a Raise. Spoiler Alert: Tacos

October 24, 2013

Eat24 wants to buy lunch for your whole office. Why? Because we like to party. Also because we want your feedback on our new Shared Cart feature. So if you think you and your co-workers deserve a raise (in the form of 10,000 Deep Fried Wontons (Actual wonton amount may […]


Weekend VIP: Free Hanger Management

January 18, 2013

Hangry? What the @#$% is a Fiscal Cliff and can we throw the word “Manscaping” off of it? Also why does “@#$%” always auto-correct to “duck,” and why isn’t the Lincoln movie in 3D!? Sorry. That was the hunger talking.Do you ever get hangry? It happens to the best of […]

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