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Pour Some Gravy Over This Coupon

November 23, 2017

Dave in Accounting had a “great” idea to make an email with “cool” Thanksgiving puns. So, here you go: Gourd morning! Just a reminder, the tur-KEY to a cran-MERRY Thanksgiving is side dishes. But be sure to eat cornu-COPIOUS amounts of stuffing, save a gob-BOWL of cranberry sauce, and if […]


Gobble, Gobble Here’s A Coupon

November 23, 2015

  Oh hi. Gobble, gobble, gobble. We know it’s only Tuesday, but gobble gobble our Friday email is on vacation this week. Because gobble. Anyway, we don’t want to leave you gobble-less, so here’s a (gobble, gobble) coupon to use on our gobble-friendly app. It’s good for some free gobbles* […]

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