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A Disappearing Coupon

October 27, 2017

Ready to learn some Halloween vocabulary? oooooo: The sound a ghost makes ooooOOOO: The sound a ghost makes when it’s getting closer OoOoOoOo: The sound a ghost makes on a rollercoaster OoOoOoOoh: The sound of a ghost having an epiphany hoooOooOoo: The sound an owl ghost makes Now that you’re […]

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A Coupon From The Eat24 Ghostwriter

August 27, 2016

Hi. I’m a ghost. Got a sheet and everything. Sure, I roam the halls of the Eat24 office and occasionally scare people, but there is more to me than noisy chains, walking through walls, and elongating my OOO’s. I also happen to enjoy literature, fine wine, and recreational couponing. Use […]

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