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The One Emoji You Should Always Avoid

March 08, 2017

Welcome to WTF Is That Emoji? Part 1, where we review our favorite icons across devices. From Android to Samsung, not all emoji are created equal. In this issue, we dissect pizza, spaghetti, cookie, and picture frame, with some surprising findings. People often ask, “Eat24, what’s it like to work […]


Your Yelp Eat24 Tax Refund is a Coupon

April 15, 2016

We have good news and bad news. The bad news is taxes exist. The good news is we asked Dave (our Certified Pepperoni Accountant) to do your Yelp Eat24 tax return and based on his calculations…we owe you 12 tater tots. Woohoo! We highly recommend that you spend/eat it all […]


Use This Coupon or Ruin Dave’s Birthday

March 19, 2015

Like pizza with a huge circumference? Good, because today is Dave (from Accounting)’s birthday and his only wish is for a math-themed email. In honor of our favorite human calculator, here are the 5 greatest math equations: 1. Salad + Fried Chicken – Salad = Perfect 2. 10:1 = optimal […]


Solve For X, Where X= A Coupon

November 20, 2014

Hungry? To get this weekend’s coupon code, solve for Pi(z)²a: Two delivery drivers are traveling to your door. One has Chicken Tikka Masala and is riding a unicorn at an average speed of 24 mph. The other is driving a pretty sweet wiener-mobile at 35 mph carrying two Meat Lover’s […]

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