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A Collection Of Angry Comments About Eat24 Emails

December 07, 2017

  Did you know we read (and reply) to every single email we receive? Some people say they love us. Some think we’re kinda funny. Most think we’re really, really stupid. And that’s OK, because your comments make us better. Just take a look at some recent feedback: Note: To […]


Results Of Our Virtual Confession Booth

October 27, 2016

Anyone who knows us knows that we’re pretty chatty. We run our mouth on Twitter and in our weekly coupon email, but we don’t hear from our customers as often as we should. So to practice our listening skills, we asked Eat24 users to tell us a secret. It turned […]


A Love Note From Eat24 To Customers

December 31, 2015

Hey. We love you. Really. We don’t tell you enough, but we love you more than we ever knew a food delivery app was capable of loving. You have your choice of internet-make-food-happen services, but you choose us. Thank you for being a beautiful, amazing, hungry human being and the […]


An Eat24 Coupon From Matt

June 04, 2015

A customer named Matt K. offered to write an entire email for us, and since we’re all about laziness conserving energy… take it away Matt! Hey, this is Matt. I told the Eat24 email writers to take the week off so they can focus on more important things like testing […]


Eat24 Trolled By Its Own Customers

March 24, 2014

Hungry People Tell the Dirtiest Jokes All we wanted was to make the collective mouth of the Internet even happier. Let’s find out what the people want, we thought. Operation: Butt Groove needs some scientific data to improve its efficiencies…or something. So we made a super serious survey and asked […]

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