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Weekend Coupon: Another Stupid Coupon

January 31, 2014

We suck At writing emails. We just re-read last week’s coupon email and we gotta say… wow. How do you guys make it through these things? Who do we think we are? Will the world explode if we make fewer than 75 pop culture references in one paragraph? The answer […]


Weekend Coupon: Get Your Free Candy™

January 24, 2014

Can we talk about the amazing week that weed is having? First, it gets some major love from the Commander in Chief himself, Barack Obama. Then the Broncos and Seahawks win a trip to the Super Bowl after their home states legalize marijuana. High five, weed! And they said you […]


Weekend Coupon: Bwa Bwa Bwa Free Money Bwa Bwa

December 06, 2013

From Charlie Brown’s Parents Bwa bwa bwa bwa bwa bwa Eat24 bwa bwa bwa weekly coupon bwa bwa bwa bwa free egg roll* bwa bwa bwa bwa bwa bwa bwa. Coupon Code: bwa24 Coupons expire but our love for you never does. Need another? Just ask us on Facebook or Twitter. Hungry? Order […]


Weekend Coupon: Robo Burgers

August 09, 2013

Real beef This week, Science created a fake beef patty so now we can all have burger clones made from cow cells and test tubes all for the low low price of $330,000. Thanks, Science! Don’t get us wrong, you’re cool and all (thank you for The Clapper, motorized self-twirling […]


Eat24 Swaggles Up Free Comic Book Day

May 08, 2013

  We love all things food, but we also have a soft spot in our heart for all things nerdy and super cool. That’s why when our friends at The Geek Speak Show told us they were attending May 4th’s National Free Comic Book Day, we instantly knew we wanted to […]


Weekend Coupon: Free Eggroll Hunt

March 29, 2013

Keep your pants off. Hi, we’re Eat24. We just created the best Easter Egg Hunt you’ll ever participate in. Ready? Seriously, are you? OK, here we go… Can you find the coupon code for free egg rolls*? Hint: It’s in big red letters and literally right below this sentence. Coupon […]


Weekend Coupon: Movin’ On Up

March 22, 2013

Moving sale. Everything must go. Exciting news: we outgrew our office pants (If you think about it, an office is like pants for your business. Usually we frown on the wearing of pants, but it turns out weather isn’t really good for computers or our perfect hair, thus – office […]


Ketchup On This Week’s Contest

March 14, 2013

There’s nothing scarier than ordering food delivery online and then forgetting where you put the ketchup. This terrifying insight inspired us to ask our Facebook fans to caption this picture from an obvious Eat24 fanatic. Almost 500 people had something to say. We chose the ten best and awarded them […]


Weekly Coupon: The of Food

February 15, 2013

Get some tonight. Well, it happened again. Whether you called it Valentine’s Day, Single Awareness Day, or Thursday, we can all agree that it wasn’t nearly as fun as all-you-can-eat taco night. But we’re here to help. Plenty of websites can bring two people together for some good sexy times, […]


Weekend Coupon: Prepare for Your Close Up Mr. Credit Card

January 11, 2013

Hungry? Use your smartphone camera for adult purposes. Picking up the tab. Duh. What did you think we meant? The new Eat24 app for iPhone and Android lets you scan your credit card with one tap. No expensive add-ons. No unruly cords. No dongles. (Although we do love saying the […]


Weekly Coupon: Free Magic Brownies

November 09, 2012

  Hungry? High there, Colorado and Washington The election is over and three things are clear: 1) #NoPantsNation is strong in Colorado and Washington. 2) We need to add a “Munchies” search filter to the site ASAP (frankly, we’re disappointed we didn’t think of it sooner). 3) We’re opening new […]


Weekend Coupon: Eat24 Gives You Wings (Really)

October 19, 2012

Hungry?   Chew so loudly it breaks the sound barrier. Unless you spent last weekend under a rock, you probably saw Felix Baumgartner fall 128,000 feet from the edge of space. When he stepped out on that platform 24 miles in the sky and looked down on the real life […]


Free Sushi Roll and Lifetime Achievement Award

September 21, 2012

Hungry?   Spoiler Alert: Coupons. Emmy Winners. Sexiness. You know we love you and we’d do anything for you, so we got the results of the Emmys in advance. (We have our ways). Let’s get right to it. The winner for Outstanding Comedy Series is… Oh wait, one other thing […]

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