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A fabulous day for a coupon

February 19, 2018

Some people (Zoolander, Beyoncé, Sailor Moon when she transforms) are just naturally fabulous. To be more fabulous in life (not just at bringing you fries), we asked the internet and found these tips: Wear more sequins. We know what you’re thinking–yes, cake sprinkles count. Be a cat. That means upping […]


Eat24 Dad Joke Contest Winners REVEALED

June 15, 2017

A few weeks back, we kicked off a contest looking for the world’s very best/worst dad joke. And boy did we get them. 617,000,000 (give or take a few 0) glorious dad joke entries. We gathered a panel of dads, grads, moms, humans and even a porcupine or two (porcupines […]

meow cat gif eat24

An Excuse To Use Cat .Gifs On The Yelp Eat24 Blog

March 10, 2016

Lately we’ve been having trouble thinking of blogs to write. Creating really compelling and worthwhile content every week is hard, and we could definitely use a break to clean up the Dorito crumbs and old burrito foil from our desk, so this week we decided to let a cat take […]


A Cute Monday Welcome | An Eat24 Gif Party

October 09, 2015

Hey all, welcome to Monday. You know, that day after Sunday that makes us sad, but just a couple days before Friday which does the exact opposite. We’ve gathered a few fun furry gifs to help get the week started off right. And by right, we mean, um, well, cute […]

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