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A Coupon Complimenting Condiments

January 04, 2018

Hey, have you celebrated mustard today? If not, maybe you should cancel your plans, put on some pajamas, and take a mustard journey around the world. American mustard goes perfectly on a corn dog, Chinese mustard on roast duck, German mustard on pretzels, and French mustard on a doily (French […]


Super Monday Funday GIF Party

October 24, 2016

The best place to be on a Monday is deep in REM sleep, but for those who had to join us, welcome to the second best place. Just four days left until we’re relieved of soggy sandwiches, teleconferences, pants, and critical thinking. To chase away the Monday blues, here’s a congo line of little moving pictures […]


An Eat24 Coupon From Matt

June 04, 2015

A customer named Matt K. offered to write an entire email for us, and since we’re all about laziness conserving energy… take it away Matt! Hey, this is Matt. I told the Eat24 email writers to take the week off so they can focus on more important things like testing […]


Shape-Shifting Noodles, Coupons, & A Request

February 26, 2015

Do you like surprises? What about food surprises? You know, when you think you ordered garlic noodles but then the food shows up and PLOT TWIST: the noodles were actually soup the whole time. WTF? You just got M. Night Shymalan’d by a menu. It’s tragic and there is a […]


1st Comes Love, 2nd Comes Marriage, 3rd Comes Coupons

February 12, 2015

STOP THE INTERNET: We have an announcement: EAT24 and Yelp got married! No, we didn’t run away to Vegas or anything. We had a quiet little ceremony here in San Francisco. Charmin was the ring bearer, Skittles gave a really nice toast, and Beyoncé performed at the reception. And now… […]


Weekend Coupon: Jay Z / Solange / Beyonce

May 16, 2014

So much drama in the elevator We don’t have time for a long email, and neither do you. It’s very important that we all stay focused and get to the bottom of this Jay-Z / Solange / Beyoncé situation. We’re collecting clues, so if you have any tips please tweet […]

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