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Tacos, Tacos, And A Coupon

March 12, 2015


Our boss thinks we’re obsessed with tacos and hates it when we use taco for every single joke (What can we say? Taco is the 2nd most hilarious food besides rutabaga.) so this week’s email is dedicated to the man who signs our checks (please don’t fire us).

Hey Taco lover,

You’re as good-looking as a taco covered in taco sauce completely wrapped inside another larger taco. Have you been on an all-taco diet? Why don’t you take your taco-loving self, download our taco-retrieving app and order up some tacos with a side of tacos.

Don’t forget to use our taco coupon* for tacos and make this weekend extra taco-y!

Coupon code:


Order Now

Need another coupon? Sure thing. Just tweet this and we’ll hook you up with a bonus code: “RT for Tacos! CC: @EAT24”


You’re the taco to our taco.




*Before we get to Lawyer Talk 2015, some ideas for tacos moving forward. Instead of a shell, why not a waffle? Pros: dimples and easily grabbable. Cons: syrup (wait… that’s not actually a con). Idea #2: Who says a taco has to be handheld? Taco-revelation The Third: Take all the taco ingredients out and replace them with pizza ingredients. Now, ‘scuse us while we eat this fry…ine print: This coupon is good for $2 off your order of $10 or more when paying with Credit Card, PayPal, or Google Wallet. You must have an EAT24 account to use this coupon (but signing up is easier than deciding which taco is right for you), and the coupon expires Sunday, March 8th 2015 at 11:59 PST. Finally, we’ll leave you with this: Taco Wednesday?





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