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Six Tips To Keep Your Office Plants Alive

May 18, 2018


Hello plant enthusiasts!

It’s Plant Week 2018 and all week long we’ll be celebrating the beauty, wonder, and clean air provided by office plants. So bring your succulents, ferns, and ivy along too while we dive into the green world of plants.

To kick things off we want to give you six hot tips to ensure your desk plant is the talk of the water cooler.

Tip #1: Name Them

Statistics show a plant with a name is 17% less likely to get hooked on growth hormones or develop aphids. So name your plants! We like human names like Carl, Tiffany, or Reginald, but a good plant pun is always welcome. Here are our five favorite plant names.

Tip #2: Make a Special Playlist for your Plant

Music has been linked to all sorts of benefits for humans, so why not plants? Follow this fantastic plant-based playlist and help your best “buds” grow to their fullest potential.

Tip #3: Dress Them Up

Whether you’re helping your Venus Fly Trap grow a beard, or just dolling your fern up in her Sunday best, a fun outfit can really make the difference between a six-inch plant and a six and 1/8th inch plant. Try some of these outfits.

Tip #4: Respect Them

No plant will grow unless you respect it. Tell your plant encouraging things, give constructive criticism, and above all respect its life choices. Being a positive influence in your plant’s life will radically improve their growth potential.

Tip #5: Water Them

Fun fact. Plants need water. Water is like burritos to a plant, so give them all the burritos (water) that you can. Just don’t over water (burrito) your plant.

Tip #6: Encourage Their Talents

It’s a hard day when your plant reaches the age when it wants to leave the nest and pursue other passions, like higher education or salad bars. But as a plant parent, your greatest gift is to let it spread its leaves and explore the wide world independently.

Is there a plant you think should be celebrated for it’s green leaves? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter.

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