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Shanghai China Restaurant ~ San Francisco

September 30, 2009

Shanghai China logo

Shanghai China Restaurant
1559 Mission St., San Francisco CA 94103
Delivery Hours: Monday thru Saturday 11:00 AM to 9:30 PM, Closed on Sunday

Eat24Hours would like to present to you Shanghai China Restaurant. Shanghai China Restaurant, located in the city of San Francisco, brings you authentic Chinese food delivered to your door through their easy online restaurant food delivery ordering powered by Eat24Hours. It is now even easier than ever before to order great Chinese food for delivery.

It could often times be difficult to order Chinese cuisine for delivery via the telephone due to often times, language barriers. Now with the ease of online restaurant food ordering the language barrier has been broken and you do not feel rushed to make a decision of exactly what Chinese dish or dishes you would like to order. Shanghai China Restaurant menu is quite extensive, as are many Chinese food restaurants menus. Before, when ordering on the phone, trying to hurry up and make a decision and then pray that your request was understood correctly could easily leave the you or the person taking your order feeling frustrated taking away from the relaxation feel of having food delivered. Shanghai China Restaurant felt your frustration and made it easier for you to enjoy their delicious Chinese cuisine.

Shanghai China Restaurant menu consist of appetizers, soups, sweet and sour dishes, poultry, duck, pork, beef, seafood, Mu Shu, noodles, vegetable dishes, fried rice, combination dinners, and special diet dishes. They also offer several Chef Specialties like the Hunan Crispy Beef Tender – thin-sliced beef made crispy cooked in Hunan Spicy Sauce on top of broccoli, the General Gau’s Chicken – cubes of chicken coated with water chestnuts and eggs deeply fried until crispy and cooked with hot ginger sauce and Kan Shao Style Scallops – fresh scallops stir-fried with scallions and onions over high heat in a dry cooking method just to mention a few. The great thing now is you can try any Chinese dish you want without worrying if you are being understood when ordering. Shanghai China Restaurant wants your dinning experience via restaurant delivery to be the best it can be and are happily awaiting their opportunity to serve you. Check them out at and enjoy the ease of ordering online and a wonderful Chinese meal delivered to your door.

  • Pouro

    I just finished an order of General Gau’s Chicken and was really impressed. I’ve been ordering from Shanghai China Restaurant for a few months now and everything I’ve tried has been very good. I like the fact that I can order whenever I’m hungry since I can get delivery day or night.

  • Rashelle

    The Hunan Crispy Beef Tender is soooo good! Melt in your mouth good. Shanghai China Restaurant has a lot of good things on their menu. The only ones I can’t say are good, are the ones I haven’t tried yet, but I’m getting there.

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